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Chuck Lidell On the Cover of ESPN



 Amazing to see this.  ESPN has also announced it will now be fully covering MMA as a professional sport, and have teamed up with the reporters of Sherdog.com to launch head first into becoming the primiere provider of all things MMA.  This sport is growing at an amazing rate.  Rumor is Randy will be gracing the cover of the next issue of SI, as Sports Illustrated is jumping on board too with full MMA coverage.


That is amazing to me. Its very cool to have watched the UFC since UFC 1 and see its progression over the years until now. Very cool.


Nice to see MMA get some mainstream exposure. ESPN is doing the smart thing in partnering with Sherdog, who while they might not be the most talented writers, have a good background on the sport.


Yeah, the Fightfinder has become such an important tool in MMA it alone is worth partnering into Sherdog. I had to laugh when the Minnesota Athletic Commission was going through the steps they will take to research a fighter and the first thing they will do is print out their Sherdog Fightfinder stats.


you know the UFC has existed since long before the Spike TV show right?

or are you referring to the actual UFC 1?


I was refering back to 1993 when it first started not the Ultimate Fighter season 1.


just checking.


This is a two-edged sword. With more exposure comes more exposure.

I know most of you guys are not country musi fans, but I liken it to the "discovery" of Chris LeDoux. I had everyone of his tapes about 5 years before Garth Brooks (may he rot in hell) screwed the whole deal up for all of us.

Sorry for the rant. But the point is, widespread commercialism has a darkside as well.


Any chance your will change your avatar sometime soon?

I didn't start watching as early as UFC 1 but living in San Luis Obispo before anyone knew Chuck got me interested. He used to be a bouncer at a bar there and then he opened up a Kickboxing studio in town. I remember the first time I heard he would be fighting on TV...been watching ever since. Cool stuff.


Good for them. Liddell deserves as much publicitiy as any other athlete at the top of their sport.


The interview with Chuck should be good for a laugh or two, that is if they can accurately translate his incoherent mumbling into actual words.


I think he has social anxiety disorder, because even sober he sounds really uncomfortable talking to reporters.


Supposedly Fedor is going to be in a large article in Maxim. Should be interesting.


interestingly, he has a degree in economics from one of the california colleges. he is a smart guy. i bet he does have some sort of social anxiety disorder.


I love MMA but they probably don't yet deserve the same publicity as the developed sports such as boxing, basketball, football and hockey as they are fully developed sports.

At the moment the sport is still in it's developmental stages. It's a very exciting time in MMA compared to other sports. Looking back to the early UFC's you can see how much it has grown. I think we will be able to say the same in another 5-10 years.

The only way is up for UFC.


It wasn't until the televised NFL Championship game of 1958 that football grew up. Basketball never took off unil it got national exposure. I think baseball and boxing are the only sports that were mature sports before they received major exposure.

My point is - The exposure will make UFC mature faster, and become a 'real' sport.


I think the Don King era was the first nail in the coffin for boxing. Before that - back in the middle of las century (1945 - 1975) boxing was at its apex.

Will it happen to UFC? No way to tell, but I do think you are spot on tha more exposure should mean more money to ALL fighters, and will deepen the talent pool.


I agree. I have recently got back into boxing but I stopped watching during the Don King era. It's too bad that guy took boxing down but got rich doing it.


This has its pros and cons:

Pros - all MMA fighters and hardcore fans are finally starting to see people giving this sport the respect it deserves.

Cons - everyone thinks they know everything about MMA because they saw a few fights and watched the entourage episode with Chuck in it.

As a fighter, I personally love it, but I hate the people that pretend to know what they're talking about.


The fact that you include hockey and boxing in the same category as football and basketball is a joke. They are "established" in the sense that they've been around for a while, but in no way are they financially secure, or for that matter, socially relevant