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Chuck Liddel's Workout


Not everything, but some cool stuff in there.


Some cool conditioning exercises in there.

Liddell’s deceptive in the fact that he doesn’t have the best-looking body compared to guys like Ortiz and Couture, but he knows how to effectively train his body and it certainly pays off inside the octagon.

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Hackleman and Chuck is associated with Crossfit to some degree. Their version is referred to as CrossPit.

You can check out crossfit’s website for some ideas on similar workouts (very GPP oriented)

Yea, some cool tips. The wheel-barrow stuff is tuff.

Good conditioning ideas. Gave me some ideas for the upcoming football season

you can buy the pit workout on DVD from a few sites around. sherdog comes to mind, but im sure you’ll find more by googling it…

i first got the wheelbarrow idea from ross emaneits warrior training. he believes it a superior conditioning tool for fighting as your body is forced tense up to control it, similar to he way you tense to absorb a shot sparring.

I got his dvd’s I use them to suppliment my striking training. To be honest with you tho Bas Ruttan stuff I found to be much more effective. Then again I am in Muay Thai.