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Chuck Liddell's Adventures In Pride....


Chuck Liddell's adventures in Pride....

Chuck Liddell vs. Alistair Overeem

Chuck Liddell Vs Quinton Jackson


I like watching Lidell fight, but he always looks kinda sloppy, like the dude at the bar who gets wasted and wobbles around til he knocks someone out.


Overeem was known for great starts and gassing. After Pride 31, fighting at a more natural HW seems to suit him rather well.


I never really respected Chuck's chin till the fight with Jackson. Despite looking like a deer in the headlights, he stayed up after taking some HARD hits.


Yeah, way to take that ass whooping Chuck.


Are fighters leaving the UFC to fight Pride?


Did he leave the UFC?


no, he fought as a representative of the UFC with Dana White in his corner.


I especially liked Dana bitching and moaning the whole time about Chuck not using his "kicking ability" while Jackson was dropping bombs on his head.