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Chuck Liddell Or Jeremy Horn?


I watched the preview of the upcoming fight between Chuck Liddell and Jeremy Horn. Just wanted to see what your thoughts were on this matchup. Im a new MMA fan and dont know much about Jeremy
it sounds like he has had a boat load of fights.


I think that was a re-run. I'm sure they fought a couple of PPVs ago. Chuck won.


The next fight Chuck has is Cotoure.


Anyone want to make a prediction on that fight?

Me personally, I don't know. Probably be a war, go more than 2 rounds. I think they're tied, one victory one loss to each other, correct?


Both great fighters.

I have to go with Randy.


Yep, one win a piece.


I want to say Horn has the second highest number of MMA fights of anyone working today (Travis Fulton has nearly 175, IIRC). Jeremy's a solid wrestler who gave Frank Shamrock a good workout back in the day and has been getting
much better with his striking since.

The problem is that he's (to the unsophisticated fan and even most sophisticated ones) fairly boring to watch and that's the last thing the UFC wants, so unfortunately he doesn't get the credit he deserves IMO.





He's right in front of this guy.

I can't decide whether he uses the nickname 'Cannon' because:
(a) it rhymes with his first name
(b) it starts with the word 'can' or
(c) he has been used as cannon fodder by 56 different organizations.

With a 33-53 record (including 46 1st round losses) what keeps this guy going? In his last four fights, he has the following stats.

11/12/05 TKO'd in 2:00 minutes by Maverick Harvey
10/15/05 Choked out in 0:29 seconds by Alex Schoenauer
8/5/05 TKO'd in 0:41 seconds by John Alessio
7/16/05 Submitted in 1:04 minutes by Kengo Ura

I fear for Shannon's health.