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Chubby Guy - Cut Fat and Bulk at Same Time?

I have read a lot about cut & bulk at same time. Some say it’s impossible others say it’s very possible under the right conditions. I am hoping that if I provide a lot of information about my current situation, someone can help me know if I am on the right track - and what I can do better.

I have been rather overweight most of my life (38 years old now). About a year ago, my doctor ran blood work and found my Testosterone levels to be very low (under 200). He has put me on prescription for 1CC testosterone injection per week. My levels are quite high now.

About three months into the injections, I noticed that my leg muscles were growing. My butt was becoming bigger (not fat but bubble big). It was not overnight but it was certainly noticeable. Since, nothing else changed in my life, I assumed it was the higher T levels and - since I was feeling better, I decided to take advantage of the situation and began working out.

I was a fat sloppy 250 pounds on the first day I began working out. That was 5 months ago. In my first month, I lost 15 pounds (down to 235). I currently work out biceps, triceps, chest. . and do some squats and stomach exercises. My routine last about 45 minutes every night.

Obviously, I have a high T level on my side. My arms got huge . .like REALLY huge in just 5 months. My chest is getting bigger every week. I am 100% gaining muscle weight. My weight has been maintained at 235 for 4 months now. My muscles are getting bigger and bigger each week. It is totally noticeable by all my friends and family. My weight is steady at 235.

I assume this means that I am Gaining muscle weight, and losing fat weight at the same time?

My goal is to bulk up as much as I can (muscle) and continue to lose fat. I don’t mind staying a little chubby but bulked up in muscle. As, I need to fill out the stretched skin as much as possible.

I eat about 200g of protein a day. Is that enough? Too much?
I eat low carbs and low fat - I usually eat the majority of carbs n fat right after my work out.
I am estimating that I eat about 2,500 to 3,000 calories a day? Too much ? Too little?

As a rule of thumb, I use as much weight as I possibly can to do 12 reps per set, where I am totally wiped at rep number 12. Right now, I use 50# dumbells for bench curls and hammer curls as well as dumbbell press for chest. I use 25lb to do decline press (as I just started adding that to the routine). I use the 50# dumbells for most everything else (triceps, etc).

I work two full time jobs, and so I work out at home rather than go to a gym . . . I just don’t have the time to go back out to a gym. But, I am dedicated and in 5 months, I have only missed a few days. I rotate target muscles to ensure rest and healing times.

What can I do better? Keeping in mind that I do want to drop more body fat - even if it’s at the same rate of gaining muscle. Should I go on a very low fat diet, forcing my body to use it’s own fat for a while?

My main goal is to get big Biceps, Triceps and Chest without getting more fat. I think I have been achieving this - but I need advice from those who have been there and have the experience.

I will include a few photos to give you an idea of my progress so that you can understand better.

Day 1


I think I have a great start - but it’s time to ask for help.

Am I eating enough protein?
Eating enough calories?
Should I do more reps in a set or more sets? (Currently I do three sets of 12 reps)
Best exercises for lower chest?

Start reading T-nation articles on training and diet. That’s the best advice I can personally give you.

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You work two jobs time is a factor , as long as you are getting leaner and weight is same . Muscle burns fat period, 200 gram protein plenty get a lot of water to process protein. Resistance train best way to gain muscle , best exercise for lower pecs dips, decline press. Home gym you got dumbbells and bench i assume. For 60 bucks their are two products that you will get money out of. A set of rubber resistance tubes, i got the set with 5 bands you put in by door hinge several exercises with think of having a cable crossover in apt that takes up space of shoebox. 2 in the same aisle at walmart or target an adjustable Kettlebell 5 thru 25 pounds, as your time is limited their or several workout using same Kettlebell, several routines on you tube, that are like 15 minutes and get awsome workout start light. Food i use sunday night to prepare food for week cook up chicken breast, veggies, its ready to go no excuse to go to fast food now. Good luck 200test test a week will help a lot , ive been on trt for 3 years and was a life changer. Dont tell people then all you gains are cuz your on juice.

Thank you. I will do that

Thank you strongmanjoe! I def need to increase my water intake. I drink way too many of the Moster and other high caffeine (sugar free) beverages. . .to keep me moving. As I work long days. But I should replace them with pure water.

I will look for resistance tubes and adjustable kettle ball at Walmart or online. And I will include dips and decline press in my next chest routine.

Thanks for all of this info

I would try get hold of a barbell.
Full body routines like these will lean you outthe fastest as well as put on some muscle…

Carbs(especially sugar) not fats are what you should keep an eye on. Actually upping good fats like olive oil is very beneficial to training

Yeah my trt doctor was a competitive gymnast she told me to beware of your processed carbs more than fat as the badger stated below. As i cook with olive oil instead of margarine.