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Chubby Girl Calls Guys with Chuck's Retarded


LOL, oh my the 23 yo Miami girl who needs to drop 30 lbs, insults
guys wearing their chucks.
that is all


Damn, cool story.

Chucks are ugly and I'd rather be dead than rock them.

Poofs away into thread insignificance


Looking for a way to relate to other people in the forum, how do I do it?
I know, I'll make a thread about a fat person deriding something they all agree is useful.


Takes off chucks and sticks them in her pooper


I had to check what "chucks" were.

Man, those are ugly.


Man, I love my chucks. Couldn't care less what another person thinks about them, especially somebody I don't have to go home to.


LOL Vacuous forty something actually IS retarded, insults chubby chick in GAL thinking it's facebook.




chucks are retarded... get you some vibrams :stuck_out_tongue:


I wore Chucks to prom


High five bro!!


chuck taylors more like yuck taylors, right guys?? no? okay.


this thread = just for the yucks




Stop looking at me Yak


nike freeeeee


Yea, then you can look like a complete homo



chucks is the new trend!

only cool guys wear chucks


That pic reminds me of the end of this movie: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0997147/