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Chubby, Bulking. Should I Still Have Milk?


I'm bulking but I don't want to get too fat as I'm already kinda chunky, I was just wondering should I keep milk in my diet (1-3 pints a day) or should I cut it completely?


milk itself wont make you fat. total cals, nutrient timing and food quality etc will effect that...

i personally dont like milk for body comp reasons and enjoy eating solid food but some people do fine w/ it




No answers here are going to mean anything beyond your own results. Keep it in, see what happens. If you start gaining too much fat, cut it out, see what happens.


By the looks of your avatar, I would suggest at least 1/2 gallon of the whole stuff a day and see what happens.


Only half?


I remember drinking a gallon of that stuff a day at times. Good times.


Its fine. And you're not chunky if your avatar is recent. Milk is an easy way to get in the extra protein and cals for the day if you're not eating enough.


I carry fat on my hips, if I had pic from behind it'd show my love handles..

But yeah, fuck it, I'm gonna stick to 4 pints a day then haha.


love handles? Dude you look like a 12 yr old. Eat a fuck load, drink loads of milk and start liftign weights and you might get some where.


ya bro, you've got nothing to worry about. drink all the milk you want. you should look at adding a scoop or two of protein into each pint you have. try something tested and clean like promasil by Rivalus. all of their stuff is tested on athletes and used by olympians, etc.

i've got a few buddies in the league (NFL) that swear by it for adding lean weight. it's not loaded with empty cals so you could see some pretty clean gains with it. just remember to DL and squat every week as hard as you can and you won't be worried about gettin fat. what does your workout routine look like?


Thanks for the advice with that shake - But I'm from the UK man so I'd have to import that stuff.

And I do Madcows so I'm always squatting heavy and deadlifting heavy 1x a week.