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Chubby and Tired of It


Started a no junk and sugar free diet March 1st. I’ve been on a vegetarian diet for years. I’ve recently decided im done with the chub, and want to loose the excess fat. I’ve tried multiple times before, but i have finally gotten into a diet and not cheated. I lift 50lb sacks and carry those for about 300ft. I know that this is not very impressive, but its my start. I weigh roughly around 170 and im 5’6 with a goal of 140. Also, im 17. Any tips for beginners? I feel disgusting and im tired of it, so please honest. Attached are my start to current pictures. Thanks in advance!


When it comes to losing weight, doing squats has done me the most good. However, keep in mind that range of motion is more important than how much weight you are lifting for the full effect on your metabolism.

If you don’t know how to squat with a bar, you can start with “box squats” holding dumbbells in each hand, but remember to keep the long range of motion. When using a standard gym bench as my “box”, I put two 25 pound plates on the ground and put my feet on them to increase the range of motion.


If I can get you to believe one thing, it’s this–diets fail.

Don’t seek out a diet. If you want to weigh 140lbs then you need to adopt healthy eating habits of a 140lb person that you can maintain for…ever. It’s not about crash dieting or paleo or carb cycling or whatever you find that’s popular. To keep weight off you have to change permanently. Killing yourself for 6 months to reach your goal and then thinking you can stop will lead you back where you started.

You’re 17. This is a marathon. Strive to lose 1-2 lbs per week. In theory it’ll take you anywhere from 3 to 6 months. I’d rather it take you longer if that means you’ll still be 140 when you’re 27, 37, and so on.

Weight management and body composition are 90% nutrition. Exercise is a bonus in the early days. If you’re on this site then you know muscle is important to most of us. A good lifting program can add muscle which will make you look better but also increase your base metabolic rate (you’ll burn more calories each day). You don’t have to do anything fancy; just find a program that you enjoy.

Congrats for taking charge early in your life and good luck! We’re here to help.


I agree with @JMaier31 , at such a young age, just learning healthy habits now that you can use forever will be so beneficial. Consistency is key.

This is a good read (along with many other articles under "diet & fat loss)

Off the top of my head, these tips may be helpful to you:

  • plain, non-fat greek yogurt is an excellent sub for sour cream

  • read labels - if you use a jarred pasta or pizza sauce, select one with no or little sugar added

  • unsweetened almond or cashew milk easily replaces milk

  • chocolate Metabolic Drive protein powder mixed with warm water becomes protein “hot chocolate”

  • shredded zucchini can be slipped into many recipes (even baking) to add veggies to your intake

  • be prepared. have healthy snacks/meals on hand and prepped so you aren’t forced to make a bad choice

  • Don’t let 1 bad meal (or day) derail you and turn into multiple bad days or weeks. Brush it off and get back at it

  • almonds are an excellent snack (see article)

  • Don’t do fasted cardio


I agree about diet but perhaps you should contact an ENDOCRINOLOG who deals with bodybuilders and consult him about your problem.

Most likely he will do some LAB tests to you and spot specifically if there is another (not just the diet) problem.