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CH's Back To Basics


  1. Conditioning
    Heavy Bag Suicides. 130lb+ bag (it got wet)
    (30’ carry, 40’ carry, 50’ carry)×3
    Best time was 50 seconds. Goal was 4 runs, but I was fat kid breathing after 2 runs.

  2. Worked up to a top set of 335x1 on squat. (This felt way heavier than it should have)

6 Box Jumps
Squat 305×8 (goal was 9+)
Planks x 40s

6 Box Jumps
Squat 280×10 (goal was 11+)
Planks x 40s

6 Box Jumps
Squat 260×12 (goal was 13+)
Planks x 40s

  1. Assistance

Tempo Squats (4-4-4-0) @ 215lbs
Goal: (1×) 5r, 4r, 3r, 2r, 3r, 4r, 5r.
Only got to the 2r, second time down, I couldnt activate my legs to get out of the hole.

Step Ups: (no reps listed) did 10 each side, slow.

Wall Sit: 45s, arms up. (I started counting pretty fast at about 30) more like 38s or something.


I literally havent ran since high school, about 10 years ago. The heavy bag suicides fucked me slam up. They definitely significantly, negatively, impacted the rest of my workout… that being said, it is a glaring weakness, that needs to be addressed. I was just sitting in my back yard fat kid breathing for a good 5 minutes. On round three, for the last 50’ sprint, I was repeatedly telling myself “fucking run” and just like… couldnt make myself do it. Need to do better. (I can say however, that on round one, I hit the fucking grass so hard on my first sprint that I tore up my yard, so… while fleeting… the spirit was initially there.

Following up, I couldnt catch my breath for squats, so my bracing was piss poor. Managed to eek out the weight, but at the obvious cost of the goal reps. By set 3, my form was dialed in, and they felt good, but the sprints hit my quads harder than expected, and I saw my knees go in on rep 12, called it there.

Never done a tempo squat. Not a fan. Happy I did them. But… do. not. like.

Overall… did not enjoy today, and was not dialed in at all. However, I clearly hit a big soft spot in my fitness level today, and I’m glad that I exploited that weakness.

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Sounds like a fun sesh…not

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Yeah, I found some macabre pleasure in the first two workouts, but not today. Oh well, they cant all be winners. But it pays off, tomorrow is heavy ass day, low rep ass day, bench day. So I’ll get to double my fun.


  1. Warm-Up

Hanging bodyweight rows AMRAP: 20 seconds
Plyo-Push Ups: 10 seconds
8 Sets (goal was 10 sets, but couldn’t even get more than 1 quality rep in of either at that point)

Hollow Rocks: 20 seconds
Jumping Squats (just the bar): 10 seconds
10 sets

  1. Worked up to a “top Set” of bench at 280

Barbell Row 3×235
Bench 3×300
Plate Halos x5

Barbell Row 3×235
Bench 2×315
Plate Halos x5

Barbell Rows 3×235
Bench 2×335 (AMRAP… but uhhhh… yeah, 2)
Plate Halos x5

  1. Bench Widowmaker
    245×13 (not quite there)

  2. Assistance Finisher
    Pendlay: 10×135
    Floor Press: 1×155
    Pendlay: 135×1
    Floor Press: 10×155


Took today a bit less seriously. It was Friday, and I’m pretty gassed. I did my warm up and finished as quick as possible, but I took my time on my working sets. I do have a shoulder with some attitude, so I dont like to jump around on bench too quickly.

Definitely feel like I did some work though.

Nothing much else to note, bench is my day I usually go on autopilot for, I’m pretty decent at it, and its lost a lot of luster for me, so I just grind through these days.


  1. Warm-Up Conditioning
    Heavy DB Carries 100lbs each side.
    11 50’ laps

  2. Worked up to top set of 405 on deadlift

Dumbbell Swings 50lbs x 20s
Deadlift 365×7 (goal was 7+)
5 Burpees

Dumbbell Swings 50lbs x 20s
Deadlift 345×9 (goal was 9+)
5 Burpees

Dumbbell Swings 50lbs x 20s
Deadlift 315×13 (goal was 12+)
5 Burpees

  1. Assistance Complex 4 sets (supposed to be 5, but I literally couldnt hold 135 at the end)
    (The weight varied so much between sets I couldnt even keep up)
    Snatch Grip Deadlift ×6
    Snatch Grip Shrugs ×20
    Snatch Grip Holds ×30s


Today snuck up on me. The loaded carry wasnt crazy hard, just pre-taxed my grip and traps. The first working set of deadlift was eye opening, but I muscled through it fine. However, the 2nd set had me gasping for breath. I could feel my jugular pounding for 5 minutes afterwards. I greatly underestimated the effect of max effort AMRAP deadlift, followed by 5 “easy burpees”

I dont really have much to say about the assistance. It was fucking hard, and I was pretty mentally checked out at that point.

Gassed. Going to bed early tonight.


  1. Warm Up
    10m EMOM
    2 Dumbbell Clean & Press @ 70lbs
    Flutter Kicks for remainder of minute

  2. Worked up to 165 on OHP

3 Pull Ups + 50lbs
Z-Press 150×8 (goal was 9)
Windshield Wipers x5
Jumping Jack’s x 30s

3 Pull Ups + 50lbs
Z-Press 135×8 (goal was 11, had to back down weight)
Windshield Wipers x5
Jumping Jack’s x 30

3 Pull Ups + 50lbs
Z-Press 115×13 (goal was 13)
Windshield Wipers x5
Jumping Jack’s x30s

  1. Assistance
    40s Arnold’s
    20s rest
    40s Lateral Raise
    20s rest
    40s Facepull
    20s rest
    40s N. Dumbbell Press
    1m rest

Scheduled light day, nothing worth noting, pretty happy to see a lazy day in here. Prepping for heavy ass squats Thursday.

5/14/20 (fuck)

  1. Warm Up:
    Bear Crawls (50’ forward, 50’ backwards)
    Gator Walks (50’ forward, 50’ backwards)
    Crab Walk (50’ forward)

  2. Worked up to 315 on squat

Banded Side Steps x50’
Squat: 350×3
Landmine Squat x5
Dumbbell Swings ×10

Banded side steps x50’
Squat 370 ×2
Landmine Squat x5
Dumbbell Swings ×10

Banded side steps x50’
Squat 390 ×2 (“AMRAP” lol)
Landmine Squat x5
Dumbbell Swings ×10

  1. “Mindset Finisher” (went right to shit here)

Goal: Squat 215 for 3, 2, and 1 minute without racking


1- about 1:20, hit 20 reps. Stood there for like 20 seconds trying figure out where I was. 2 more reps. Had to rerack. Got 4 more reps after unracking.

2- made it to 20 reps in 1 minute (wtf?), stood there like an idiot for 30 seconds. Eeked out 2 more reps.

1- made it to 13 reps, last rep took me a solid 5 seconds to get up.


Warm up was… unexpectedly Tricep dominant… I was actually supposed to get close to 3 sets, and do the crab walks backwards, but my arms were buckling by the end. (There was a 10 minute time limit)

Squats felt heavy up until the heavy amrap, I took them slow, and very likely could have gotten 3 or 4, but I’ve never squatted 390 for reps, I was nervous, and i was aware of the following sets.

The mindset finisher… was uh… well I failed the fuck out of that. But… it was an experience. Basically 2 widowmakers plus some extra.

Edit: the plan just said “landmines for 5” so… that was kind of open ended, but I figured they were intended to be squat related.

Fun day.

5/15/20 (exhausting, but fun)

  1. Warm Up
    1 Pull Up
    2 Burpees
    3 Pushups
    4 Jumping Squats
    5 Dumbbell Snatches
    (Add 1 rep every round, made it to 4 rounds)

  2. Worked up to a top set of 335 on bench

6 T-Bar Row
Bench 300×5 (goal was 5+)
10 Strict sit Ups with arms extended
3 Manmakers (8 were prescribed, but… like… what the fuck dude)

6 T-Bar Row
Bench 280×7 (goal was 7+)
10 Strict sit Ups with arms extended
3 Manmakers

6 T-Bar Row
Bench 260×10 (goal was 9+)
10 Strict sit Ups with arms extended
3 Manmakers

  1. Assistance

1 minute heavy dumbbell rows (80lbs) each arm
(Was actually supposed to be 30 second, but I’m dumb)

1 minute incline bench press
(My incline is falling apart, so I rigged some shit up and did incline sandbag presses with 125lbs)

1 minute decline push ups


Nothing worth noting with the actual workout, aside from the manmakers, those things can eat a buffet of dicks. However, we’ve been fucking SLAMMED at work, for months, however were now short staffed and causing an average of 10-11 hour, balls straight to the wall ass busting days. Its uh… hell, its hard, theres no way to downplay it. I’m not anywhere close to giving up. Just think it’s worth noting for future evaluation.

5/18/20 (not even worth logging)

  1. Warm Up
    Plate pinches for 10 minutes (2 10’s and a 5)
    Everytime plates dropped, did 3 broad jumps.

  2. Deadlift
    290×2 (fat grip)
    290×4 (fat grip)
    290×6 (fat grip for 2, couldnt hold anymore)

  3. Zercher Squats.
    These were supposed to be EMOM, 3 Zerchers 10 goblets. Something didnt click right, and I broke out in a cold sweat and got incredibly nauseous. Just ended up doing a few sets and called it a day

  4. DNF


My head wasnt in the game at all today. Sacrificed today and hopefully be in better shape tomorrow. Also, side note, before bed last night I had a splitting headache, and went to bed with chills. Woke up several times in a cold sweat. Didnt feel great when I woke up either. Felt better throughout the day, but I think the damage was already done.

Been keeping my head down and actually taking some coaching advice from a friend of mine. Also finally hit my fucking 500 deadlift with a fucked up erector and completely off schedule. So that’s cool. Not logging because I simply dont like feeling obligated to doing it in here everyday. So just using this to post PR’s or other noteworthy events.

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would you mind sharing what program you’re running? I like the looks of it

This was actually a custom variation of 4 Horseman from Brian Alsruhe. Unfortunately I paid good money for it, and realized that I was too out of shape, and didnt have the drive to do it, at least as I expected. That’s no slight towards Brian, if you can commit to his workouts, you will see significant progress, and get strong as hell.

But man, they are fucking hard.

*edit: he has a free version on youtube if you’re interested. I ran (almost) a full cycle of Darkhorse from him a couple years ago, and saw SIGNIFICANT progress.

Thanks . . I’m running the free version of his Mass Builder now so maybe I’ll run this after I complete that program

Fuck it. Time to start logging again.

Massive weight loss, look great, feel weak as fuck. Shitty first day back. Going to get out of my head and focus on hypertrophy and building a hell of a foundation. I’ll get back to powerlifting at a later date when my head is back in the game.

Plyo push ups 3×5
Face pulls w 1s hold 3×12

CGBP + 70lbs Chains
185, almost failed last rep
175, almost failed last rep
155, almost failed last rep
135, almost failed last rep
135, did fail last rep

I don’t know what the fuck happened here. I guess my tris are weaker than I thought? Whatever. Achieved some serious hypertrophy on them.

BB Rows
4×10 @ 155, parallel arms

Dips 3×15
HLR 3×12

Feel swollen. But weak. Incredibly agitated, not that I lost strength, I was at peace with that, but at his much I lost in such a short period of time.

It be like that sometimes.

I will not allow myself to get mad moving forward.

Finally wrote out a whole program. First day back with a goal instead of dicking around.

Hip Circles 100 steps x3

Neutral Grip Pull Ups
4×8 +25lbs

Box Squat +Chains
5x5 @ 275 +70lbs Chains. Full reset and leg lift on box

Hip Thrusts
4×10 @ 185lbs

Hanging Leg Raise

Goblet Lunge
3×10 each leg, 50lb dumbbell

Dumbbell Curl
3×10 @ 25lbs
Last set, 10 reps dual arm, 15 reps alternating with pauses until failure.

Good day. Feels good to put in some work again.

Got to play catch up on logging


Chin Ups
5s Negative 5x5

5x5 @ 185 +70lbs in Chains

Barbell Row
5×10 @ 155

Hollow Rock

5×12 +25lbs

4×8 @ 20

Bench was lowballed, but not going up for now since I doubled up on bench this cycle

Shoulder wasnt firing right on Arnold’s. Didnt hurt, but just didnt have any power.


WG Pull Ups

Sumo Deadlift
5×5 @ 315 +70lbs in Chains

Front Squat
5×10 @ 135

Paloff Press
4×10 w 2s Hold

Leg Curl
4×8 @ 50

Barbell Curl
4×10 @ 65

Never actively trained sumo, this was kind of a shot in the dark on weight. May adjust moving forward


Nuetral Pull Up
4×9 + 25lbs

Floor Press
5×5 @ 250

5×10 @ 225


3×20 @ 65

Dumbbell Shoulder Press
4×10 @ 30

Nothing worth noting. Almost a deload day really.

But side note, my arms are looking huge, so I guess these pullups are paying off.

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