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CH's Back To Basics

Tuesday 1/14/20

  1. Plyo Clap Pushups S/S Burpees. 3 Sets

  2. Bench

  3. Barbell Row
    (205×5) 5 Sets, Superset with Bench

  4. Deadlift
    (295×5) 5 Sets

  5. Deadbugs
    3×5 superset first 3 sets of DL

  6. JM Press
    (95×8) 3 Sets

  7. BW BSS
    3×8 each leg, Superset with JM Press

Notes: Definitely pulled something in my mid trap area. BB Rows arent pleasant, need to swap to something less taxing on the mid back for a bit. Deadlift is good as long as I maintain perfect form. Bench still feels incredibly week. The 315 wasnt bad, but there was no way in hell I was getting 2 reps. Maybe my body just isn’t used to the volume yet? Need to keep tabs on that.

Well shit, had a bad run with OHP today. Blacked out standing up, came to before I fell, felt a very interesting feeling in my shoulder, went away pretty quickly, and all of my joints immediately started to hurt. Didnt even do enough of the workout to bother posting.

I’m tired of fighting overhead press. Going to do some back to basics for a bit. Have some fun with volume and stop smashing my joints for a few weeks.

Will post again when I decide how I’m going to get over this slump.

Starting my own plan. Following programs seems to be wearing me down, so I’m building something as I go. Starting with some volume/hypertrophy to bring up some weak areas.


  1. Zercher Squats
    (115×10) 5 sets

  2. Lunges Cluster
    5 Lunges each leg, 15s rest. Completed 5 full sets

  3. Dumbbell Ham Curl
    (50×8) 4 sets, last set drop set.

  4. Calf Raises S/S Decline Sit-ups
    5×10 & 4×20

  5. Shrugs
    (225×10) × 5 last set to failure.

Feeling my way around volume again. It’s been a long time. This was extremely easy, although my legs feel like they’re 100lbs each. Got to get used to not feeling like I just ran 10 miles worth of intensity.

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Checking in on your log to get some context because I replied on ur thread re zerchers being too light.

Looks like ur a big bencha. I’m jelly

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Dont know what that’s about honestly. My arms are long as hell, and I dont give bench any specific love. It’s just another day of work, no hype or anything behind it. But I appreciate it!

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  1. Band Face-Pulls

  2. Flat Bench Press
    (245×5) 3 Sets RPE 6-7

  3. CGBP S/S Barbell Row
    (185×10) & (135×15) 3 Sets

  4. Incline DB Press S/S Skull Crushers
    (50×12) & (55×15) 3 Sets

  5. Lateral Raises S/S WG Pull Ups
    (10×13) & (8) 3 Sets

Havent done pullups at the end of a workout in a long time. Much more difficult. Yikes. Everything else felt solid. Got asshole arms from the swell. Walking around like i cant fit through doors. Going to miss heavy weights soon, but this is definitely a fun change of pace for a bit.

PS: @guineapig 3 sets of RPE 6 was a great recommendation. I’m not beat down, but I definitely feel the work. Thanks!

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6 RPE is weird one. Hard to accurately tell when u have 4 in the tank but that’s the point so u can take it a bit easy some days and push a bit when readiness is up. Great pre-activation post activation potentiation magic too. Just don’t do anything too crazy my friend.

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The increased volume, followed by a 4 hour drive, and a 10 hour class for work where I couldnt move, does not a healing body make.

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Hot damn, no more work trips in the foreseeable future.


Pull Ups 3×5 wg
Face Pulls 3×15 banded

Bench 5×6 @ 245, RPE 7

Zercher Squats 3×8 @ 155

Kroc Rows 3×15 @ 110
Skulls 3×15 @ 65

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Pull Ups 4×8 WG

Banded Hip Thrusts 3×10
Box Jumps 3×3

Squat 5×6 @ 280, RPE 7

Incline Dumbbell Press 3×15 @ 50lbs
RKC Planks 3 Sets until looking for God.

Lateral Raises 3×12 @ 10lbs


Pull Ups 3×5 WG
Banded Facepulls 3×15

Narrow Grip Flat Pin Press 3×8 @ 275lbs (~80° Starting Position) RPE: Fucking Hard due to unfamiliarity.

Barbell Row 3×15 @ 185lbs

Goodmornings 3×10 @ 135lbs
Push Ups 3×20

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Weighted Pull Ups 5×6 +25lbs. NG
Bird-dogs 3×10

Deadlift 5×6 @ 325lbs RPE 8

Chained Squat 6×3 @ 205lbs + 70lbs Chains

Rear Delt Flys 3×15 @ 20lbs

*need to evaluate today. Fatigue is all over the place.

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Take care of that fatigue brother.

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Any fatigue I have is absolutely 100% due to work. I like my job just fine, but it’s high pace, high stress by nature, and soaks up a lot of hours of the day. Unfortunately I cant do anything about that. I’m just researching other avenues to mitigate stress and find some semblance of a scheduled eating time there.

That’s pretty tough. Just chug 2x scoop of whey in flavoured milk. Plenty of nutrition right there.

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Paused Pull Ups 3×5
Banded Facepulls 3×15

Bench 5×6 @ 245lbs RPE 6. Will go up next week. Took my form back to basics teaching someone else how to bench, and found a couple of errors in my own bench, making the set much easier.

Front Squats 3×8 @ 185lbs. First time ever doing front squats. Felt good. Shoulders feel better, short of the massive bruise in my front left delt.

Kroc Rows 3×15 @ 110lbs
Skulls 3×15 @ 55lbs, final set to complete failure at 29 reps.

Side Note:
Ate very balanced today, including breakfast, protein shakes, balanced lunch, pre-workout meal. Feel fucking young again. Need to keep the pace.

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Keep putting them good days together. Do the little things right and the habits will show in your gains

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That’s the plan, man. I found myself program hopping a bit, which isnt the best. Now I’ve got something dialed in, that I enjoy doing. I just have to get the diet there, which is already leagues better than it’s been in a while.

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Pull-Ups 4×8 WG
Banded Hip Thrusts 3×12

Box Jumps 3×3

Squats 5×6 @ 280lbs RPE 8

Planks +90lbs, 3×45s

Incline Dumbbell Press 3×15 @ 50lbs
Lateral Raise 3×15 10lbs, drop set to 5lbs once fried.

Notes: Pretty gassed today, only got about 5 hours of sleep. Long work day. But still muscled through the day and kept my diet in check.

Also, personal life note, just shelled out over 600 for my AC going out in February, which was 80° yesterday, because the world is ending.

Love NC.

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