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Chrysin with Androsol stack

Hello, I have just finished my first week using androsol and about to start my second week. In addition, I will be stacking with tribex and zma. I haven’t heard alot of stacks that include chrysin. Is this product fading out of the bodybuilding seen? Should I be taking this with my stack and if so when would be the best time to take it? Thanks.

I think Chrysin is fading because 4-doil just doesn’t convert to estrogen - period. The only question I have for Bill is: Can Chrysin increase T levels by further reducing the bodies own estrogen production (since males produce some estrogen anyway)?

Chrysin just didn’t pan out–no real world results–similar to HMB

(reply to Jim) Chrysin just doesn’t seem to do anything of value in real use. As Logan said, it’s one of those things that just didn’t pan out.