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Chrysin-Does it Work?


I recently went to my doctor and asked about adding Arimidex to my regime, since my E2D was at 50 (13-54 quest lab ranges). My doctor said he would write a script for Arimidex, but wanted to try Chrysin 100mg twice a day first. I read a few articles about chrysin and it apparently does not work to lower E2D at all. Has anyone had any success with Chrysin?


Your doc is misinformed, and you are correct. Its use as an AI stems from an old study where it was shown to have AI activity in vitro (lab test.) However, in vivo (your body) it's been repeatedly demonstrated to have zero effect on estrogen in humans or animals. It just plain doesn't work for the stated purpose.

50 is really high. My E2 was in the 40's and I insisted on an AI. You need to do the same! Starting dosage is .25mg every other day. Retest after 6 weeks. You want E2 in the 20's.