Chronicles of the Wolf

Speaking of which:

January 2017 – decided to ditch 531 for a while in favour of an EMOM protocol. Everything about the way I’m training at the moment was pieced together from here

and here

I do one main lift per session – deadlift, front squat or overhead press. I do 2 reps per set for lower body and 3 reps for upper, per CT’s recommendation in the link above. I shoot for 12 EMOM sets with a given weight. If I get it easily, I increase the weight next session. If I fall short, or if I get it but it’s a real grind then I don’t. If I get fewer than 8 good sets, I decrease the weight next session. Pretty standard stuff.

So far I’m really liking it. I feel more technically solid on each of those lifts. I feel more explosive. And my conditioning has improved. Conditioning is something I’ve been neglecting since my operations last year, and it’s something that I’ll focus on in this log. That’s actually unlikely to mean more than a couple of sessions a week of hill sprints. Not sure whether or not I’ll play football this year, so no need to go nuts.

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