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Chronicles of Riddick

The only movie I like with Vin Diesel is Pitch Black. And I really like it. Now this movie isn’t a sequel so much as it a spin off. Because the best part of Pitch Black was the character of Riddick. So you could say I’m a Riddick fan more than a Diesel fan. But how many people want to see this. I love Sci-Fi and this looks like good Sci-Fi.

Oh, please don’t high jack this with how horrible xXx was. I know how bad it was. You know it was bad. Even Vin knows his movies were bad. It’s why he didn’t sign up for any sequels.

But I’ve been waiting for Chronicles of Riddick for 3 years. I see it tomorrow, I will update on if it is any good. That is if anybody cares.

Learn something new everyday. I didn’t realize it was the same character from Pitch Black. Then again, I get Pitch Black and Ghosts of Mars mixed up a lot, if that gives you any idea of how perceptive I am when it comes to movies…

those eyes. . .

I’m definitely going to see this movie. I’m a big Diesel fan on top of the fact that I loved the whole feel of Pitch Black. (BTW… when I went to see that movie in the theater was the first time I’d ever even heard of Vin)
I liked that movie because is was different… ‘Chronicles’ will undoubtedly be a slightly more stupified movie just because Vin’s so popular now and Hollywood just can’t keep from fucking up a good thing. Having said that— I’ll still go see it, just because Vin Diesel is the star. Whether or not I go to see it any more after that will be based on how good the movie itself is.

I know it was a totally different type of movie but I thought Boiler Room was a good show as well. Im definitely going to see Riddick. It looks good.

I’m not crazy about seeing it, but a group of us are going to see it tonight. Vin Diesel is cool, but many of his movies have sucked. But that’s okay because I’m Mini-Vin, and “I live my life a quarter mile at a time.”

“Are you with me?”

  • Vin Diesel, Chronicles of Riddick

“I am the monster.”

  • Vin Diesel, Chronicles of Riddick

I’ve seen it.

You can have a universe set in Sci-Fi, with all the Sci-Fi rules and characters.

And you can have a universe set in Fantasy with all the fantasy rules and characters.

But when you travel between those 2 universes in the same movie… not so good.

OK, it was the best movie I’ve seen in a while, but not as good as it could have been if it decided to just be a sci-fi movie.

I don’t have television, but in the gym today I saw a teaser for the movie, for the first time. And is it just me or does he have some wierd powers or something? Cause if so, that probably would have been useful in pitch black. I just don’t like spin offs where the characters have completely different abilities than before.

Also the Iron Giant was, in my opinion, Vin Diesel’s best movie.


Definitely going to see it, I’ve been waiting to see this movie for some time. The Riddick character is one of my favorite characters of any movie/story/whatever.

The best movie Vin was in was def. not Pitch Black. Saving Private Ryan is by far the best movie he has ever been in.

I thought this movie was quite good. Not perfect like a “Blade Runner” or a true classic like an “Empire Strikes Back” or the first couple of “Alien” films, but far better than a lot of the sci-fi/action movies that have come out in the last few years.

I thought the casting was very good, that the set design, costumes, music, etc. were all very pleasing and ominous. Overall I thought they built a very slick world and I felt fully transported into it.

On the negative, I did feel there were some cheesy CG effects in a couple of the scenes. I’m always turned off by poorly realized digital creatures and overdone death sequences.

The movie also kept a sense of humor.

aaronm buddy, I think you missed my point. It’s been my experience when people talking about movies, that if you say that Vin Diesel’s best movie is Pitch Black, that means that the best movie featuring Vin Diesel. It’s HIS movie. He’s the star.

Saving Private Ryan is no more a Vin Diesel movie than Apocalypse Now is a Harrison Ford movie. Now, you could say Saving Private Ryan’s was an Ed Burns movie, but you couldn’t say it was a Matt Damon movie. He was in it, hell, he was Ryan, but he wasn’t the name on the marquee, the key star. Just this movie’s geeks point of view.

But who knows, maybe most people don’t see things this way.

Saw “Riddick” today. I thought it was much better than I expected. I walked in with no hopes beyond the level of XXX. But this flick had some good action… and the story more or less flowed. The movie did get a little to full of itself here and there especially toward the middle but I thought Vin pulled it off well enough. I don’t know if it will find itself in my DVD collection but it was worth the effort to see it in the theater.

Speaking of which… this flick probably won’t be a good on DVD. The cinematography is pretty good and would surely suffer on even a big screen set. See it in the theater for best results.

Dieing to see it, I loved Pitch Black(have the movie poster on my wall, it was hard to find - got it at a Geek convention in Boston). So I’ve been waiting for this sequel for quite awhile. Most of his other movies werent so great, although he was awesome in Boiler Room (another fave movie of mine) and Fast & Furious was nifty but not great.

It also helps I think Vin is the hottest thing in this universe, although he seems to have on awful ego in his interviews. But who cares, we(I) dont love him for his mind.


Loved the eyes, haven’t seen Pitch Black. My first exposure to Riddick leaves me with a desire for glow-in-the-dark contacts.


Holy shit. I love Jack. I mean Kyra, Kyra! lol After that whole prison scene, I was done. How can one girl look so good when she’s beating on people left, right and centre? Ummm…the rest of the movie was pretty decent as well… : )

so did anyone else see this movie i want to get at least two more review…or did everyone spend there money on supps. J/K

The movie is headed for my DVD collection, for sure. It is simultaneously a tribute to the T-heavy flicks of Schwarzenegger, and Lucas’ better days, when his mythology was darker, and on a grander scale than it is today (think Empire Strikes Back). Gotta give credit to David Twohy (sp?) for having the guts to come up with something this ambitious—and for it succeeding so brilliantly, in both staying true to what made Pitch Black so appealing, and dramatically broadening the scope of the movie to such an epic size.

Perfect role for Diesel, as well. This is the kind of character he does best.

My only fault with the movie is that Riddick was a touch too soft. Which is to say, he let too many people (e.g. mercs) live.

I think I loved Pitch Black so much because I’ve come to not expect much from low-budget sci-fi any more. But they totally hit the mark with Pitch Black. Since I think Diesel is “Da Man” I had to see Riddick—no doubt about it. It was a bit over-the-top like I expected, but Diesel pulls it off somehow. Before I saw it I’d read a review online that totally butchered the movie—the guy HATED it. Now I wonder if he saw the same movie I did. Basically it ROCKS. And by-the-way there will be a third movie. The writer conceived the whole thing as a trilogy. Gotta luv it.