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Chronically Tight Psoas


My psoas are ridiculous. Stretches that are supposed to target my psoas only hit my hip flexors. Really, really hard.

This has led to a severe anterior pelvic tilt and hyper-lordosis.

I stretch my hip flexors daily and i have "strong" activated glutes but i still can't seem to do anything to get my psoas to loosen up and release my lower spine. If this keeps up I'll probably end up herniating a disc.

Anybody have ideas on how to stave off severe injury and fix this? Thanks in advance for any response or information you guys have.

(will post pic of lordosis momentarily)


there we are.


Here is your god: mobilitywod.com


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If they are, then I'll keep stretchin! I thought they were a different muscle group that connected from the spine to the inner part of the femur, but I suppose that's also in the hip flexor category?

And yes, BBB. That thread is fantastic. I really appreciate the info you supplied in there. You appear to be a very knowledgeable and helpful poster on these forums.



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What stretch(es) are you doing for the psoas?


Warrior lunges and the weighted hip flexor stretch that BBB describes in his thread (basically a lunge without dropping to one knee but with a bar on the back weight).


Going to do the stuff in the new article that was just posted! This looks great. Should help with my hips, too.


If you're not contracting your glutes while doing the stretch you may be stretching the capsule and not the psoas.

Also, if you're arching your lower back while doing the stretches -common in those with anterior pelvic tilt- you might not be stretching the psoas effectively at all.



Hope that helps.


I am contracting the glutes.

Hmm. I tried that stretch. I can't keep from lordosing my back. I squeeze my glutes in that stretch and it feels like my rectus femoris is being torn apart LOL. I guess this is also one of the problem areas that I need to keep working on. Thanks for the extra stretch to add in.


Haha I see that all the time.

The warrior stretch and such just aren't great hip flexors stretches.

Bang that stretch out a ton. It'll get better each set. Do it for a while and then stand up and look in the mirror. Chances are your lordosis will diminish.

Best of luck.