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Chronically High Cortisol. DHEA Supplementation if DHEA is Already High?

Hi, i have chronically high cortisol levels trough at first Overtraining and then chronic Stress since 2 years, known trough several tests over the 2 years and the symptoms. Also MRT said its no tumor. Also i´m now since some 5 months on TRT.
Now my question is does it make sense to take DHEA when my DHEA is already naturally very high to bring the cortisol down?
If yes, what would be the dosage 25, 50,…?
Maybe someone even knows how high the levels get with 25,50 trough bloodwork.

I hope someone can help!

No sure about DHEA but ashwagandha helped with my high cortisol levels.

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Interesting I saw a few things that shows supplementation reduces cortisol. Not good if cortisol already on low end.
Wonder if it’s because of feedback loop.

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@dextermorgan I’m curious to know your experience with this, since only thing that Ashwagandha did to me was giving me nightmares if taken before bed.
How much are you taking and which brand?
Do you have before and after blood test confirming a drop in cortisol?

I don’t take it anymore. It did help a lot when I did but I don’t seem to be having those issues like I did at the time but who knows I could be missing out right now not taking it and just not realize it.

Gaia Ashwagandha is a good brand. Take 3x 350mg caps daily for a total of 1,050mg.