Chronic Upper Back Pain

I seem to find my self plagued by a pain that feels like it’s behind my shoulder blade, it usually begins to hurt if i stretch out before a workout.

it used to be a short lived pain, a day at the most. recently it had me out of the gym for a month, i just went back and it is bothering me again, last time it was the low row that set it off, a couple of days ago i was doing very light shugs, now it is back, not nearly as bad, the pain has changed from a muscle spasm, causing shortness of breath, and a complete lock up of my back, to a constant burning.

i can deal with the burning, am i just being a pussy and continue to work it out, or is there something i can do to avoid this.(besides extended rest).

Just throwing this out there, but I had a similar pain in my upper back/trap area that stemmed from nerve problems in my neck. It came from the neck being twisted and bent in all manner of directions in football and wrestling. I wound up with partial paralysis of some upper back muscles that led to scapular winging, a messed up shoulder and all sorts of great stuff. Get it checked out before it really gets messed up.

thats funny, i also played football and grappled.

If it’s chronic then you should see a medical professional. There are so many possible causes that it wouldn’t be wise to simply speculate.