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Chronic Shin Splints D:


Hi all

I've just started a cutting program, which all seems to be going well at the moment. 2lbs lost in a week and an inch off my waist; with no strength loss. However, I seem to be suffering from shin splints (again). I've had this problem before, so its not the shoes as I bought some new trainers last time I had the issue. Any tips?


Stretch your calves and focus on getting good great toe extension during the stretch. Roll your plantar fascia and stretch it as well. Strengthen the small intrinsic muscles of the foot and work on not allowing your foot to over-pronate when running. Also, ease into running distances and intensity and work from softer to harder surfaces to run on.


Check for muscle imbalances between gastroc/soleus and anterior tibialis. If one is stronger, stretch it. If one is weaker, strengthen it.


When walking or running, try to push off the ground with your toes instead of actively lifting your ankle.