Chronic Rib Subluxation

This is becoming an issue. I have one rib specifically that subluxes sometimes. Last time it happened was from a sneeze while I was reaching over to pick something up. Obviously a freak injury.

Then yesterday I was deadlifting, I hit a 405x3. Form was fine and weight went up easy. But oOn the third rep I practically heard a pop and my back immediately got tight. I called it quits right there and packed it in. Back went into spasm and is very tight right now. Today I went to get an adjustment. Chiropractor adjusted both this new injury and the previous one, then a third rib as well that hadn’t been in as much pain.

This problem has been chronic for a few years. I’m scared by the injury yesterday because its a rib I’ve never had a problem with (previous ones have always been the same spot).

Basically my questions are what causes chronic subluxation, what can I do to fix it and will I be able to keep lifting heavy?

Thanks for any help anyone can provide!

First off, I am not a doctor and I have never had this problem. I think you should probabyl go see a real doctor, like an orthapedist, and not the chiro. They want you to keep coming back, that is not good for making gains in the gym.

For the most part, the answer to 99% of injuries that happen over and over again are the result of some kind of weakness somewhere else. Could be weak abs, weak lower back, weak obliques, weak lats, and of the hundreds of muscles in your body. Most dumbass meatheads keep getting hurt because they are too busy being king badass to be honest with themselves and realize they are weak at something. Really, really thik about it. Do you do ab and lower back work regualarly? Do you train it like everything else (high intensity low volume day, low intensity high volume day)? Regardless of injury, heavy ab work (sets of 5 or less) will make your lifts better.

Like I said, I really have no experience with what has happened to you but this is just my opninion. Go see a doctor before you take any advice from anyone off the internet. Heal up buddy.

First of all my chiropractor also studied sports medicine and has ART certification and is an experienced lifter. I trust his opinion on weight lifting more than I would if my chiropractor looks like Allan Harper.

He has suggested that I target my inferior traps. This makes sense. Lats and traps are stronger than rhomboids and inferior traps so when greatly strained I’m weakest at the inserts and ribs thus take a beating.

Furthermore, I neglect my core alot. I do all full body large exercises and am very lean. So I find it easy to justify overlooking my core. One I come back from this injury I am going to go back to abs and focus on the finer muscles of my back as well.

I’m going to replace deadlifts with rack pulls (this kills me, deadlifting is my favourite and strongest lift).

The pain is subsiding and ROM is improving. But I was still unable to work last night (physcially demanding job) and am going to have difficulty tonight. Not including the 4 sets of deadlifting I havent worked out since last saturday.

I hate injuries.