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Chronic Neck Strain / Recent Lifting Headaches


ive been getting neck strains / sprains / whatever for a few weeks now. yesterday it happened as i tried to warm up my neck for lifting (rotations, moving head side to side, etc) then i got a strain. ive had these before, and usually they go away after a few days and i dont get them again. however, it just keeps coming back. makes it hard for me to turn my head in many different directions. any thoughts? rehabs, causes, preventions?

also, i've gotten pretty big headaches after sets, most recently twice -- after a arched bench set (head felt full of blood from the tough set) and yesterday warming up with deadlift.

i do the valsalva maneuver, so i dont know if that's a reason.

the headache appears on the right side near the top of my head. it also affects my right eye - not vision but just feels funny - and gets me woozy for a few minutes. feels like a rupture (though i wouldn know what one feels like) but it couldnt be since it has happened before and i am fine.

any info would help. thanks


i went through a stretch in training where it seemed that it happened constantly too. i don't think I did anything different to stop it from happening, though now that I think about it i've stopped doing wide grip pulldowns, and I use a palm up grip for barbell shrugs, this prevents my shoulders from hunching forward as they would with the overhand grip. Hope you can take something out of that lulz.