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Chronic Marijuana + W/O

well i was wondering if someone knows the effects of smoking pot every day (at night) + working out and eating healthy

the reason i smoke is because i have adhd and it calms me down, will take rilatine soon for it but does marihuana has an effect on your muscles?

Come on man, the reason you smoke weed is because you like to get high! If all you wanted to do was calm down then you could just take some Kava or St. Johns wort. I am sure that smoking essence as well as smoking anything else for that matter can have somewhat of a negative effect on you muscles due to less oxygen in your blood stream etc. However i know plenty of very muscular pot smokers, so i wouldnt worry too much about it. Lets face it, it is one hell of an appetite stimulant. I would worry more about the ritalin and its effects on muscle considering it is similar to an amphetamine and those are notorious for doing negative things to you muscle.

It’s definitely better for your body than alcohol, you just might want to check how it affects your testosterone. (I would be curious if you find anything so please post)

the only long term affect is the smoke inhalation. this alone is what seems to be negative affects of chronic smoking. however, this is more than enough to decrease performance. as for adhd, smoking will make you less anxious, but you are only drugging yourself, it doesn’t matter what way you drug yourself what you end up doing is masking symptoms. power drive helps as does eating every few hours and keeping junk food out of the diet. i have adhd too, but am managing it well now. i find i am very sensitive to food additives and when i eat clean the problems dissappear and i can manage my anxiety better. i smoke the herb too sometimes and it kills my appetite.

remember, when your body needs something it will tell you if you listen, or you can drug it out and ignore the problem like most people do.

A friend of mine who is very knowledgable in this subject told me that marijuana increases estrogen levels. To what degree, I am not sure. If you check the search engine I’m sure you’ll find something. I think Cy Wilson wrote something concerning this at somepoint in his T-contributor career.

As for the negative effects due to smoke inhalation and the concomitant oxygen deprivation, use a vaporizer. You can get one from Home Depot relatively cheaply. Your lungs will thank you.

well it’s funny i don’t really have the munchies, and if i’m hungry after smoking i just take one of my clean meals like some skimmed yoghurt / cottage cheese or a shake so no problem with my diet.

Well i do smoke but i hardly drink so alcohol isn’t a problem. And yeah i know bout the rilatin i took it some time ago and i noticed the effect on my body.

well i guess it would be better if i quit but still :slight_smile: