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Chronic Knee Pain

Hey guys,

I’ve been having some knee joint paint consistently for about a month from deep squats. What would you do in this situation?

My plan was to switch to front squats and db single leg work for a while before I do any back squats again.

thank you.

Are you sure you have the posterior chain flexibility to be going deep? Its not often I hear people complain of knee pain with adequate flexibility to squat deep.

I’d advise you to try to address the issue as opposed to try to make the symptoms disappear by changing your exercises or whatever.

Knee issues usually stem from ankle or hip issues - I think the first thing you should do would be to ensure that you have proper mobility in all planes in both your hip and ankle joints. If you don’t, look up some mobility drills (do a search; the Essential 8 Mobility Drills is an article that would probably help).

see if you have trigger points in your rectus femoris, releas ethem and then stretch the hell out of them straight after in a bulgarian split squat type stretch. Rear heel to butt , vertical femur and lean back a little