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Chronic Joint Pain for 6 Years

I’ve been reading T-Nation for a long time, but never posted much. I’m 22 right now and when I was in high school I developed several overuse injuries while playing sports. Ever since then I have had bilateral pain in almost all of my joints including parts of my T-spine. Along with this joint inflammation, I have fatigue.

Over the years I have seen many joint doctors, other therapists and tried various supplements(anti-inflammatory) with absolutely zero results. Recently, I started the warrior diet combined with gluten free eating. I thought for sure this would lead to a marked decrease in the joint problems, but I have noticed little difference. I was wondering if anyone else has dealt with a similar problem. I think I still have some food allergy or am missing something in my nutrition, but I have no idea what it might be.

Fish oil, curcumin, glucosamine, chroidatitin(or however you spell it).

Some people report good results from staying away from dairy.

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I just had shoulder surgery and did a lot of research on supplements to promote healing and that would be anti inflammatory. I went with the following:

Animal flex
Wobenzym N
Vitamin c
Super cissus

Try doing a detox diet and gradually add foods back in and see if anything specific is causing the problem.

Best of luck

Thanks for the tips. Just started dairy and caffeine detox to see if I’m allergic to it. I haven’t heard of half those supplements, I’ll have to do some research and start adding them in.