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Chronic Inflamation


My routine has been crippled by chrinic inflammation, specifically in my elbow, wrist, sternum, and lower back. I am taking an anti-inflamatory but it still gets aggravated at workouts.

I have started to take chondroitin (sp?)and my doc says just to rest when it gets inflamed, he is not too specific about when and when not to start. It just seems that with my condition whenever I get ramped up again, the inflamation comes back. Is there any natural supplements that can help, and is anyone struggling with the same problem?


chondroitin doesn’t work much for me, hope it works for you. Fish oil and Tart cherry juice works wonders for my inflammation. Other than that unless you list what your diet and training is like can’t help ya.


I’ll second fish oil. I have lots of knee trouble and inflammation (4 surgeries), but fish oil definitly helps me out. Your overall diet in general can help out.


fish oil

the more you can afford the better, i haven’t noticed any negative side effects from mega-dosing


[quote]cyph31 wrote:
fish oil

the more you can afford the better, i haven’t noticed any negative side effects from mega-dosing[/quote]

I take about 10g/day of a generic brand on top of my 4 Flameout everyday during the summer (manual labor job) and I feel great overall.

Wasnt there a thread started a few weeks back about reducing inflamation? OP, try doing a search… You might find some more suggestions.


More inflammation fighting food. A can of salmon has 11 or 12 grams of naturally occurring omega 3’s. Garlic, hot peppers, walnuts, etc. Even dried garlic powder and crushed red peppers are powerful inflammation fighters.

I can’t help thinking you’ve got some issue here as this is not normal at all. Maybe you’re eating way too much inflammation promoting food? Grains, saturated fat, sugars etc? Maybe you have a condition of some sort? Maybe your form blows and you’re aggravating your joints?

I’m not confident that you can supp your way past this, but it’s just a hunch.


also add turmeric powder and ginger.

both are cheap and demonstrate extremely strong anti-inflammatory properties and will likely produce a noticeable difference in joint pain (not to mention a myriad of other health benefits).


Tirib is right about foods. Add to that cucumber. Works great for my tendinitis.

Also, I saw a naturopathic dr, and she prescribed a magnesium supplement as well as a magnesium lotion I apply to the affected areas and corresponding muscle. This, above all else really fixed me up. I’m now back to training after a 6-month slowdown due to the tendinitis.