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Chronic High Hamstring Pain

For roughly the last 9 months I have had a fairly sharp pain in my right hamstring when deadlifting, squatting, and most other lower body exercises. I’ve already attempted to fix the problem thru PT which was focused on strengthening the “injured” glute and stretching. While the stretching seemed to help intermittently, on the whole it did not stop the pain and my symptoms have almost become worse. Its become very frustrating to have to cut off any leg workout almost right after warming up because the pain forces me to put all the strain on the other leg. I tried taking off leg work completely for a month, and while it decreased my pain in the short term, as soon as I tried to work with any real poundage the pain was back strong as ever. Has anyone else had experience with an injury similar to this? Im a 250 lbs 20 year old if that matters at all, training since I was 13

Did you Injure it previously doing anything? I pulled my hamstring about a year ago and didn’t let it properly heal, tried to work around it or just ignore the pain so I finally just didn’t do any lower body lifting for about 6 weeks. I found foam rolling, stretching, and having my wife take a racquet ball to work on the pain area and then just doing GHR seemed to help. Don’t know if this will help just telling you what worked for me.

The crazy thing is I don’t remember an one incident where I hurt my hamstring or glute that could have caused it. Im sure there was something, but it certainly wasn’t traumatic enough for me to remember. I hate to take another break after the first month break didn’t yield much, but perhaps i need to extend it even longer

[quote]Fencepost wrote:
I hate to take another break after the first month break didn’t yield much, but perhaps i need to extend it even longer[/quote]

IMO…don’t think of it as a break.
The ability to rehab. injuries is critical to long-term success. The injured area should receive more attention; low intensity cardio, stretching, foam rolling, ROM work, and controlled light lifting (think Jane Fonda workouts), for the entire core/hip complex. Once the area is stable ‘specific conditioning’ work is next. When returning from any injury you must ‘go long before strong’. Each phase will take from 6-10 weeks to complete. The hamstring is a complex group of muscles and it is not uncommon for full recovery to take a year or more.