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Chronic Halitosis


Hey all,

I've been following a T-Dawg diet with high carb days on my training days. This has led to me having incredibly terrible breath. I was wondering what the Nation does to combat this?

(This week it was especially bad for me since I missed all my workouts due to work, school and injury)

I should end this by saying that not only do I brush and floss daily and use mouth wash, but I cannot chew gum anymore because I have started grinding my teeth at night.

Thanks everyone!


Does your breath have an acetone-like odor? If so, this is due to ketosis. The solution is to up your carb intake slightly.


BTW, you should do something about the teeth grinding. Can have a lot of bad long-term effects.


Acidophollus, supplemented daily, will help prevent all types of body odor. Works for me and has for years.


Every diet or training scheme is not for everyone. Started grinding your teeth? If you just started, this may also point to a greater amount of stress lately. That is not a good time to be reducing carbs, especially if you only take them in on training days and you haven't been training.

Your dentist can make a custom night guard for you to prevent grinding your teeth at night. If you can't afford that, you can by them in stores but they won't fit anywhere near as well.