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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Hello guys I used to work out and lift weights quite often almost every day of the week I would push the limits in the gym until one day was extremely tired… I got sick and became very fatigued tired all the time. Anyway it has been months upon months I went through a lot of testing doctors and Specialists and no diagnosis. The only thing I have that falls in the category is chronic fatigue syndrome I also have all the symptoms. So anyway I just got back to working out recently and I noticed I have extreme muscle weakness a 35 lb weight feels like it is 75 lb.

I also noticed I can’t bulk up or gain muscle like I used to for some reason I think it is because I can’t lift how much weight at all. Anyways I was wondering if anyone else has CFS that works out and overcame muscle weakness or any tips they may have to working out. I also was wondering if anybody knows if I could possibly benefit from anabolic steroids? If I wasn’t sick with an illness and I didn’t love to work out so much I would never think of this but I love to work out and this illness limits me from building muscle and I will do anything to get big and bulky like I was before.

Classic under recovery … this is not something uncommon.

a little more info would be helpful … age, height, weight basic strength level break down of program rough idea of diet

you said that no diagnosis was made even after testing…

Ever consider maybe that something is wrong with what your doing in the gym and maybe your not addressing recovery issues.

which was? where are you at now compared to before?

got a feeling other issues need addressed first.


Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with you. You burned yourself out some months ago, and are having to re-start from square one.


So I want to start taking anabolic steroids I feel that I can benefit from it greatly after all the research I’ve done with it improving mental clarity strength stamina and more. I deal with chronic fatigue syndrome I suffer from muscle weakness so I’m hoping this can help me. Can someone help me on what steroids I should get? What is most effective and has the most benefits? And preferably a safer one than most and how do I dose first time so I want to make sure I do this right thanks guys

No answers to your questions, only wants to talk about gear, hmmm… big fat waste of time if you ask me.


You “do it right” by answering Bulldog’s questions about your current stats (age, height, weight, previous weight, current strength, etc.) so we can get an actual idea of where you are right now, and so you can get actual advice to solve your problem. Steroids are, literally, the last thing you need.


I disagree. I think in my case steroids would be useful as I suffer from muscle weakness like I said and it’s hard for me to put on muscle mass. Trust me you don’t what it’s like be big and muscular than to have it all stripped away due to an illness. So I need my gains back

I’m 21, I’m 5,8 about 150 pounds. My strength is low due to muscle weakness that is my main problem.

And what did you weigh “months upon months” ago when you were “big and bulky”?

Also, what did you eat yesterday?

… because you need to train smarter and eat better. 21-year old 150-pounders don’t need steroids.

Even if you actually do have CFS (which you almost certainly don’t), anabolics won’t solve the problem because they’d just be a Band-Aid for the short-term while creating physiological damage in the long-term.


Can’t imagine what that must be like. :roll_eyes::unamused:


I’ll suggest it after more info.what was your hormone levels.

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You’re right in the prime statistical range to blow up your dick with steroids.

So go get some tren and deca and come on back when you’re suicidal, weak, and done broke your weiner with drugs.


I was planning to take D-bal it is a steroid alternative it is much safer

You should have said that from the get go.

Say “I’m going to take these drugs because I want to get bigger and stronger” like a man would before be blows his dick to kingdom come.

Not roll around the point like you’re trying to yank a monkey out of your ass.

And D-bal is fake garbage. It’s only safer than dianabol because it’s garbage and doesn’t do anything.


I was about 160 when I was bulky. And training harder and smarter isn’t my problem. Because before I got the illness I was doing everything right including diet. I still lossed most of my muscle despite doing everything right that is a result of CFS. Trust I believe I do have CFS because I have all the symptoms such as brain fog, muscle weakness, unrefreshing sleep and cognitive problems. I was also planning to take D-bal a safer steroid alternative with many benifets

My testosterone levels are 719ng/dl not sure about the other hormones though

Now it just looks like you’re spamming us with fake garbage supps that don’t even ruin dicks.


This is me currently. This is the biggest I can get. Look how skinny i am i hate it

Both of these statements cannot be true. Pushing the limits in the gym almost every day of the week isn’t doing everything right. Bulldog nailed it in his very first sentence. You were under-recovering.

Dude. 10 pounds? We’re talking about 10 pounds. You lost 10 pounds over the course of several months. That’s nothing. I don’t want to say the problem is all in your head, because I remember that episode of Golden Girls when Dorothy had CFS and nobody believed her.

But, yeah, the problem is in your head. After seeing the pic you’re calling “skinny”, there’s zero doubt.

To ask for the second time, what did you eat yesterday?

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Maybe try some regular vitamin D at first.

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