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Chronic Deep Pain/Tightness in Lower Back/Lats

Hey guys,

Need some advice on what to do with some chronic back pain I have had for years. I used to work out constantly, and for the past 2 years I have been completely unable to due to overbearing tightness in my lower back and lats.

I’ve seen 2 chiropractors, 2 doctors, 1 physiotherapist and nobody has been able to resolve the problem. I think the biggest issue is that it feels “deep”. Its not something that is obvious…I have no flexibility issues…inactivity leads to it getting worse so I do cardio 2-3x per week 2-4miles and it keeps it at bay, but never any better.

The tender, tight spot is MOST PRONOUNCED during an overhead lat stretch with my arms over and bending to the side. Another stretch felt is bent over lat stretch on the ground.

I stretch and stretch and stretch and it simply won’t give up.

Can anybody give me another idea on how to eliminate this chronic soreness or a direction to take?

If you had doctors eliminate any structural issues, it could just be that the inactivity allows scar tissue and fascia to lock down.

Check out this video: http://www.aimsportsmedicine.com/the_fuzz.html
*guy is goofy but its great information

I had serious medical issues that did not allow me to train for around 2-3 years. I was a competitive athlete and had super active professions where working out was required my entire life prior to this nightmare. After those 2-3 years, every old injury I forgot about in years past, as well my back, hips and legs were in severe chronic pain. It took a few years of regular deep tissue/ART, “stretch to win”+PNF, lots of foam rolling, yoga, meditation to relax body tension, etc to get back to some sort of quality of life. Regular insurance just wanted to allow me loads of pain meds, muscle relaxers, and sleep meds. But that only makes your health worse and does not solve any problems.

If you can find someone skilled in ART type deep tissue work, might give you some relief. As well foam rolling and stretching on a daily basis. Might sound wimpy to some guys on here but yoga can really help rehab and pain management often times too.