Chronic, Achy, Muscular Pain on one Side of Thoracic

A year ago, I received an intense bear hug. There was sharp pain for about a week and then the sharp pain subsided and became a deep, achy feeling I am experiencing now.

I had an MRI and x ray performed, but showed no signs of damage to the spine, bulging disc, and etc. However, I still have this chronic pain that is affecting my left erector spinae mid back. This pain has caused my lower back and neck to hurt as welI had chiropractic adjustments as well as deep tissue massages. They provided quick relief, but the pain always returned the next day.

The best position I noticed is for me lay flat (the pain gets worst with more I sit and stand). I also noticed whenever I tried to put myself in a bent over row position, my left mid back muscles instantaneously starts tensing up.

I started going to physical therapy and been treated with Graston 2x for 3 weeks, focusing on strengthening and stretching such as rows, I, Y, and T, and various stretches such as pec and lats. However I see minor improvements in my pain levels.

I am fed up with this pain and is ruining my quality of life. Has anyone ever experienced this injury and how did they overcome it? I would greatly appreciate any help.

Attach is a picture where i feel most of my pain.

This Stretch in this feel really makes my back tense up on the injured side.

I’ve had something alike in my right lower trapezius, happened to be my shoulder blades which were overly retracted, so the muscle kept tensing up, also felt some sharper pains around that spot. Have you stretched and/or foamrolled the mid back? You might to need to work on your posture, since it’s possibly the cause.

Yeah i just saw the doctor today. He said nothing is structurally wrong with me nor my posture that he can see based on the MRI and looking at me. He thinks my muscles on my left side are in a chronic state of tension. He told me i should focus on stretching as well as maybe trying a DRX9000 machine or dry needling.

What stretches have you done for that area?

For me basic rhomboid stretches did the trick, Also I did alot of foam rolling, and when i’m sitting i put my elbows wider, so the muscle isn’t tensed.

Hi KLi, just checking whats your situation right now as i have a similar situation as yours

I suggest spending 15 minutes every night for a while laying on a lacrosse ball and moving it around inch by inch while watching tv, and working over every single sore point!

Remember, just because a muscle is sore, doesnt mean it’s the actual problem, rather a symptom. Pay attention to the classical trigger points, which can be found with a google search!