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Chronially High Testosterone levels

This is year, I have had chronically high Testosterone levels and I am trying to figure why before I change my protocol. So I would like some feedback.

Right now, I take 120 mg/week of Test cyp and 400 IU/week of HCG. I take each shot 3 times per week. Alternating days. On days where I do not inject Testosterone; I inject HCG. Except for one day out of the week where I do not inject at all.

I used to inject both test and HCG at the same but I decided to split them to get more stable blood serum levels and optimize my protocol. I made that change earlier this year. I also switched from 1" lock tip syringes to 0.5" inch insulin syringes for injecting my testosterone.

Some of my recent bloodwork is below. This is from earlier this month. My April bloodwork looked very similar. Last year, my levels were nowhere near as high on the same dosage but I was inject HCG and Test at the same time vs splitting them up like I do now. I think splitting up the test and HCG might have done this.

I always got my blood work done on days that I did not inject. Let me know what you guys think lead to the change.

Both drugs raise your testosterone. You used to inject both at the same time and test at the lowest point (before last injection). Now you are injecting at different times and testing closer to one of the injection times. I read like 3 sentences of your post.


Your free T levels aren’t that high compared to my standards. I sit between 35-40 at any given time.

You made no mention of how you FEEL. Do you feel great or do you have symptoms? If you feel great, your health is improving, and zero symptoms… I wouldn’t worry about it. My health is exponentially better. A number on a paper isn’t going to make me change a thing at this point.

Thanks for the responses guys. I feel fine actually. TRT has been great for me. Mood has good and no physical symptoms. I felt no different and was shocked to see my levels were so high.

The only thing I noticed was more hair loss. I think I’m going to lower my HCG dosage a bit. To 300 IUs per week.

I don’t see anything wrong with your levels. You feel fine so it sounds like it’s working. Do you have any other negative symptoms? High blood pressure? Hematocrit/Hemoglobin? PSA high? If not, I’m not sure that anything is bad about running higher levels.

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Ya. I do not have any other symptoms but elevated LDL cholesterol and more hair loss. Both of those things, I would like to get under control if possible.