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Chromium Picolinate and Leucine

hey guys two questions:

  1. Ordering from BB.com i jus decided to throw in the $4 order of chromium pic, ive heard it supports insulin sensitivity and has many other benefits… ive been takin it wit my PWO shake lately… is it truely that awesome and if so when should i take it?

  2. . ive re4ad somewhere that adding 3-5g leucine to every meal increases protein synthesis significantly. i try to do so with every PWO meal. so true or false?

From the top of my head, Chromium has been touted as a wonder supp, but (not that I have links to them) no studies have shown its effectiveness.

I’m not sure how chromium picolante differs, but I took it in capsule form once, 2 capsules, not sure of the dose, and I couldn’t sleep and had no appetite.

This was a while back, when I was about 15 150/160lbs and think they were my mum’s diet pills or something.

Sorry for the vagueness.

From what i’ve read on leucine, it increases protein synthesis and is good to take with low protein meals, or add it to BCAA to get a 4.1.1 ratio rather than 2.1.1 or (as in SURGE Workout Fuel) take it with carbs/beta-alanine/citruline malate).

Personally, I was thinking about tabbing it, so I can take it around and easily consume when I don’t have a high protein option.

Leucine helps promote anabolism, and is an important amino acid for muscle mass.

Chromium Picollinate is generally taken post workout.

Hope that helps