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Christopher Hitchens Dies


Though a vicious enemy of his creator God, I am grieved to see this man die most likely out of His saving grace.


If he is in hell, he's in very good company!


Good writer, excellent wit. The world is a worse place without him.


Well, it's always a shame that humans pass away. Other than that, nothing much else to say. Certainly wasn't a factor in my own life, like a family member or friend.


I knew he had health problems though his death came somewhat of a surprise to me.


You can't drink and smoke with the fervor he did and not expect cancer of some kind. He embraced that life though and felt it added to his writings.


He had basically stated previously that he would be lucky to be alive in five years. That was perhaps a year ago.

It was a very aggressive form of cancer.


Sad loss of a great thinker and writer




After he died #Godisnotgreat started trending on twitter.

Check out some of the reaction from the crazies



Hitchens dies. His book #GodisNotGreat trends. Religious people threaten violence. The point of his book is proven. Hitchens for the win.

-Some guy on twitter


Thanks for pointing out his stupidity.


I agree. He was both.


I mourn Hitch.

As cartoonish as it sounds, he'd like it very much in hell, if there would be such a place, with all the drinking and partying with whores and sinners.
Sadly there is none.

Alas, nonexisting has benefits, too.

ps:As always, the religious loons gather around and squeak their ratish propaganda-
please get the fuck out!


The world is poorer without him. His father also died of esophageal cancer. I doubt the heavy drinking and smoking helped.

He will not be forgotten.


" But atleast in North-Korea, you can fucking die"

Paraphrase of hitchens.


Uhhh.... a "religious loon" started this thread Herr Schnitzel boy.


I've seen it, and it made me reek (I nearly started my own thread).

Same thing when in a debate with religious loons, Hitchens would get slimy compliments from his counterparts at the beginning.

If he's so not right about the invisible god of pedophiles, he can't be brilliant.
With this question, there is really no middle ground.
And how would you -a "believer"- find him a great thinker without being completely inconsistent?

Because of his decade spanning-socielist activism? Sure.
Because of his brief hate of Saddam? That had practically '0' to do with his work in general.

Finally, you're a utterly tasteless moron for writing this shit as part of your condolences:

And dudes get censored for writing pacifistic stuff in threats about "soldier day" or stuff like that.
This is not offensive? (Not that I give a crap about offensive internet writ)

"Yeah, you friend died, I'm tooootally sorry, but he's in hell now and my god is torturing him and I find this awesome! Off I am to preach the gospel of my wonderful god who's full of love"

By the way, we all know ignorance suits you, but Schnitzel is not a german dish- "Mr. Taco-Boy"!




Nah, no desire to join a debate here.