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Christoper Walken Thread

favorite actor…well, him and paul newman. but walken is the best creeper actor.

thread for walken bits but i’ll accept some john malkovich or others who fit the genre…

one of my favorite films…i traveled and played 9 ball for two years…


But, but, . . , I’m Rainbow Head!

more awesome than creepy…

I was scrolling down hoping you hadn’t posted the three little pigs vid, so I could.

Hopefully I’ll beat you to this one, though.

One of my favorite scenes from any movie, ever.

Edit: Ha! Wrong language!

Motherfucker can dance. The dude is half a bubble off no doubt.

And of course:

[quote]cyruseven75 wrote:
more awesome than creepy…

One shot, one kill…

I watched that movie tripping on acid once lol.

thanks for adding in…i can’t find some that i want.

SNL skit w/ my old college roomate jimmy fallon (another time, another thread) – the skit i want to find and post…it cracks be up every time is…


WALKEN is the fucking best, JM is second…both are fucking brilliant!!!

[quote]Cortes wrote:
One of my favorite scenes from any movie, ever.

Stone cold classic.

Did you really make a Christopher Walken thread and leave out Joe Dirt?

And one of my favorite SNL characters of all time: The Continental.


(Not sure if this will embed or not, but all the youtube versions were trash)

EDIT: Yeah, it didn’t work. For those with short attention spans, here’s a crappy embed:

Christopher Walken eats John Malkovitch’s breakfast, takes his lunch money, and makes out with his girlfriend. They don’t even inhabit the same strata.

Malkovitch has one style for every role he plays.

Any role that Walken plays is irresistibly transformed into his style.

This thread needs more cowbell.

I like the comment " I think this is what CW sees on a daily basis" lol.

I love this movie.

Actually, my favorite movie “kill” scene or what ever you call it, is the the part where the killer takes his own life with a pair of scissors in the sink. Fucking awesome, the body twitch is a nice touch.