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Christmas Wishlist

We are well on our way to another Christmas…Some of us will be fat fucks and spend time with our families eating like there is no tomorrow.

Others will still find a way to get a few sets of burpees in before the family wakes up to open gifts.

This year I have done a wish list and wish to share with you. Also I would love to know what you T-Men have on yours. This way I can always add stuff to my list…just in case I forgot something.

  1. Sopranos DVD
  2. Leather messenger bag-Banana Republic
  3. Apple 16g Iphone
  4. Apple Macbook Pro
  5. Month worth of Crossfit classes
  6. Precision Nutrition and Gourmet Nutrition Cookbook from Berardi himself
  7. New Nike Shox sneakers
  8. The Art of War-Sun Tzu

There you have it. Please share yours.

I want to give my girl this beagle puppy I bought for her. I love the way her eyes look when she’s happy. That lady’s smile is all I want.

number 5… Friggin’ 02’s…

i don’t want anything. i hate presents and i would rather no one put any effort into getting me something.

The Crossfit explains the messenger bag.

Nikon D3