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Christmas Wish List

What do you guys want for Christmas, as for me, good health and to those close to me especially a cousin of mine who was diagnose with leukemia.

It was easier as a kid choosing your presents like gameboys, legos, g.i. joe’s, etc, but as you get older, your not sure what to ask for.

But since I’ve been a really good boy, I am hoping St. Nicholas will give me the gift of living with the girls next door…


For Christmas, I wish for world peace. I want the soldiers to come home, no more war, no more people killed. For all of the people of the world to realize we are all the same human people, brothers and sisters.

All I want for myself is to have that Christmas spirit again. I haven’t really gotten into it much the past couple years and it’s kind of depressing. And I wish everyone else a happy and healthy training year.

As for material things, anything off this wish list would be ok:


A blowjob and a Laphroaig 30yr.

And uh, world peace, or whatever.


I want a 600 lb squat, 400 bench, and 700 dead in my January meet.

That Chuck XXX, Metal Milita bench seminar video, foam roller, dragging sled, and westside jacket.

I wouldn’t mind having nice lady to curl up with when its cold, but I doubt I’ll be having that one most of all.

[quote]Dweezil wrote:
A blowjob and a Laphroaig 30yr.

And uh, world peace, or whatever.[/quote]

Haha, I’ll bump that. I’d be stoked to be back in the gym by Christmas. I just suffered a minor fracture in my elbow a couple days ago.

pimped bad ass power rack
rev hyper

cuz’ gyms in switzerland sucks ass
gotta get some stuff for xmas


an orthopedic surgeon from 200 years in the future