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Christmas Shopping for Wife


Just curious what you all do for your wife/GF/mistress for Christmas? This is my second married Christmas and my wife has given me the infamous "I don't want anything this year; I have everything I need" speech.

Initially, I think this is great, I have done a great job providing for her, BUT I know she has gotten me things as I have been told to not look in the cart and not be around while she pays.She has a very specific fashion sense that I will never pick up on, which applies to jewelry - picking out a ring wasn't the easiest - and I don't want to get her something that she hates.. aka last year. She really has everything she would need, a million pairs of shoes, furniture, car, clothes, etc. I am clueless on what to get her. So far, it's just a couple Giants T-Shirts, sort of as a gag, since she grew up a Twins fan. I checkd her pinterest tonight and everything recent is kid's fashion; we DON'T have kids. Which has led me to block Pinterest on our network. HA, see how she likes that...

So, any ideas?

Also worth adding, she is the best gift giver I have ever met. Like seriously, if there was an award for it she'd gift it to the perfect person.


I don't. I've lived with the missus for 27 years and I think in that time I've managed to shop for her a few times before being banned from the activity. Apparently sexy underwear isn't a gift for her...go figure.

These days, she buys herself a present, wraps it and puts a card under my nose and suggests I 'write something nice'. I simply ask her not to tell me what the present is as I don't want to spoil the surprise.

Last year I got her a new camera...apparently I am a generous man.


Get her a pass for a day at the spa and a massage. She will use it.


What does she like? My wife is a girly girl that's into nail art, so I can never go wrong with high end make up or new nail polish as side presents.



^The Truff! I am married to a crappy gift giver, and every year she starts to be sort a jerk which makes shopping for her even worse. I'm out ideas, it might be a new vacuum kind of year.




Listen to what she bitches about. (Trust me, I know you can't afford everything.)

Buy shit that solves what she bitches about. Buy shit she uses. Does she chew gum 24/7? Buy bulk packs for the stockings.

My wife shoots, so I buy her ammo and she needs new ears. She also complains about her underwear being too, something, I typically stop listening and start thinking about sex whenever she says panties... Point is I know she bitches about her panties, so I'll get a gift card to vicys or something...

Just listen to her like 15% more than you do now, and she'll tell you. Women love that "hidden message, hints" game.


Right.. last year was lingerie, apparently, that's not a present.

You two are lucky men.



I'm not sure where to even begin with makeup.

Spa day will probably work out well.

Counting Beans, so true. I tune out when I hear the 'whiney' voice. Usually it's about coworker's or clients though. I guess I'll have to start paying attention. It'd be so much easier if her favorite thing wasn't thrifting/shopping and didn't do that every weekend already.


Yeah, lucky she shoots .357 and not something even more expensive, lol.


Maybe she wants a kid? Have you discussed it with her?


Buy her some shit she can go do. Nail gift certificates, massage/spa gift certificates, etc.

I can't say I've ever really put a lot into Christmas shopping. Christmas is for the kids. Her birthday is the big gift event for me.


This is my first Christmas without my wife and she was pretty easy to shop for, just spend money... Actually she returned the jewelry I got for her last year, that's gonna happen now and then.

It does take some (years even...) to figure out what the other person likes. Does she have a favorite hair salon? Those always have deals for gift cards. Nail salon, same thing. Makeup is too risky. What about a holiday dressy blouse? Places like Macys and Lord and Taylor always have nice things.


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This. Especially the islands part.


@Push, I always enjoy reading your posts. That's the plan next year. I've been stashing some money every month for Thailand next Christmas. It was supposed to be this year, but I just had to pay for eye surgery.

@Beachguy, That's the thing, I'm really good with money and she loves to spend it, so I have budgeted enough every month for her to throw cash at, hair and nails being two of them.

I'm going to head to the mall tomorrow and see if anything sticks out.. Would custom fit orthopedics be a worthy gift?


Depends on how badly you want to get divorced.