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christmas present

I got a “power twist”(a garage door spring with handles) for Christmas. Does any one Know how to use it? It did not come with instructions. Thanks

unless you plan to do chins from the door, im guesing this belongs in the off topic.

Can you melt it down into a useful weight plate?

Seriously, those things are lame, but I wonder if they could be used as sort of a “feeder” day like what Dave Tate and Chad Waterbury have written about?

P-Dog, I think he’s talking about one of those ‘chest blaster’ things you got at K-Mart and in the backs of muscle magazines in the 1950’s.

I like the melt-it-into-a-plate idea.


That’s the worst present ever.

Use it it hang your dry cleaning. Wait a sec… that’s what stationary bikes are for…

You must have been REALLY bad if your received that for a Christmas present. But all joking aside, I wouldn’t know what to do with it. I used to use one back in grade 7 & 8 when the “boyz” would arm wrestle for fun :slight_smile:


I got one last christmas from a friend who new I was into working out. They meant well, and for that I placed it in my routine for a while.

Actually, with the constant tension it is somewhat useful. I used it at the end of a last set on each exercise. I would do 20 reps with it in front of my chest.

I did get a great pump from it, lets face it what is better than the ole’ barbell/dumbbell. These things are fun for a change once in a while, but that’s it. Sort of like those Clubbells whats his name is hawking. You can spend 20 minutes trying to develop “circular strength” with a clubbell, or you can spend the same time doing butt to calf squats, or dead hang chins.

I know where most of my time goes when I am in the gym!

Me thinks this guy is a Troll.

First, I’d suggest using it to beat the person who gave it to you.
Secondly, I like the suggestion of melting it down into a plate.
Thirdly, if you can rig it up to a vest and run it would be similar to running with a sled.
Finally, if all else fails, give it a new name (Springmaster3000), a new pretty box, and hock’em on late night TV.

You can really good results from this if you use it the way Arnold does in “Pumping Iron.”

First, grip the handles firmly in your hands.

Then have a bikini-clad woman straddle your neck, and have two others clinging tightly to your legs.

You will be amazed at the sudden growth that can be achieved with this deceptively simple device.

wow beo, i must be slow. i just figured out what this thing is, after you explained about pumpimg iron.

I remember when I was younger a neigbor having one of these in his garage. I had the bright idea to bend it over my leg, lost alot of leg hair and a little skin.

A troll, I dont think so orc maybe, but not a troll. Yeah and thanks for the help.

I had just watched “Pumping Iron” (again) this weekend and for some odd reason, I’ve always loved that scene. Hmmmmm…