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Christmas present?

Just wondering what everyone is getting there woman for christmas?

Old Muppet show episodes on DVD. Playful and nostalgic.

Well, I’m looking at a pair of earrings that match the ring I got her last year. She already ruined one by getting the ET dvd (I’d bought it, then she bought it, so I returned it). She has a tendency to get the things she wants, and leaves us all high and dry for ideas.

Woolsocks !

Nothin’! Thanks for rubbin’ it in buddy! I been stag for quite some time now. Ahh, how I despise the lonely, desolate wasteland that is bachelorhood. ;(

I couldn’t help but giggle at your post. I thought I’d be charitable and volunteer to be a long-distance girlfriend just so you can tell the guys what you’ll be getting for your girl. :wink: I can’t imagine it’d be too hard to find some chickie to lavish gifts on.

Sweet redemption! There’s a sterling oasis in the desert and it goes by the name of Karma! On that note, I’m buyin’ my girl a new set of shower curtain rings, the gift that just keepsona givin’. Thanks for the support girl.

She already bought it. Did I say “it”? I meant to say them.

A set of prints from the original Moulin Rouge posters

A toothbrush with my name on it. That way my name will be the first thing she thinks of every morning and the last thing she thinks of when she goes to bed!

Aaaww, what a sweetie I have! I certainly need a new set of shower curtain rings. He’s so incredibly thoughtful and considerate, my honey. :wink: gush…gush…gush…

Everybody needs a little love and support now and again, my man. Glad to be of service!

Thank ya kindly ms. Karma.

Hey guys, Im getting my blow-up doll a new bottle of sex lube. Think she’ll like it?

A bottle of ‘M’. She’s too sensitive.