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Christmas Prep-TeamStaley Style

I just love the holidays…what a time for giving. I feel like giving something away today. OK, hows about I give away 5 " Ultimate Guide to Massive arms" downloads along with Treasure Trove Bonus.
While I am at it I will give away 4 Physically Incorrect downloads as well. That’s 9 prizes so get to posting me on this thread if you want to play along. I will cut this off when I get in tomorrow and pick and notify the winners as well.

Happy holidays-Julianne


I have read Coach Staley’s articles on T-Nation and I am very interested. I would love to receive the download gifts! Thank you and Happy holidays!

I know there was another thread saying how great you guys are but, this just reflects that. I won stuff so don’t worry about putting me in on this one. I just wanted to say you guys rock, Merry Christmas and I hope Charles is doing better since the detached retina.


Wow… if you’re this nice to strangers… I wonder what it’d be like to be part of your family.

I would appreciate being put in the hat for the giveaways.

Spanks alot.


Thanks Julianne.

I am a big fan of Mr. Staley’s. I have tried alot of his stuff (CPT, EDT in particular) and am very happy. This would be a real cool Christmas gift to receive the downloads. Count me in!


Very nice offer. This is one of the reasons T-Nation is one of the best communities out there: everyone is trying to improve themselves and yet they always have time to help out the rest of us.

Thanks for TeamStaley’s continuing goodwill. We’ll notify the team at the North Pole.


I feel very interessted about it.
I really enjoy all Staley’s articles and I don’t have any of Staley’s book

Downloads. Sweet!!!

I would love to have any of these! Please sign me up! Thanks for your generosity guys.

To-Shin Do

I’d definitely like to enter. I’ve used CPT and EDT with good results in the past, but my arms continue to lag.

Thanks very much, and Happy Holidays!

Thanks for the gifts. You are awesome for doing this.

Please count me in and include me for the drawing! Thanks!

OOOOH, me too, me too!!!
I want to win something for Christmas that’ll make my arms huge. That’s exactly what I told Santa when I was sitting on his lap. Didn’t know that Team Staley were down with o’l Saint Nick like that.

Please include me for the drawing. Thanks.


Thanks for the great offer. I am starting EDT in about four weeks and this would be a phenomenal gift. Sign me up. Happy Holidays!!

Count me in.

I would definitely like to get in on that. I’m making a “charles” fund for the next time I’m in Vegas.

Ooooyeah, sounds good. I want a book!! :slight_smile: