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Christmas Playlist


Lets make a cool Christmas music thread. A friend gave me a Christmas compilation CD one year and it's still one of the best presents ever.

I think it goes without saying, but in case you are wondering - This is not a place for your Mannheim Steamroller. :slightly_smiling:


All you need is the boyz 2 men christmas album.


Oh and the happy hardcore cascada last christmas remix


Its not Christmas until I hear Run DMC.


aint' Christmas without some Piggy~


I'll just leave this here YOOWWWWWWUUUURRRRRRR


LOL! the Piggy. Here's the Raveonettes for ya.

And this one makes me think of Randy Quaid pulling his Winnebago into the driveway. I'm a big Chevy Chase fan, and I have to watch that one every year. :slightly_smiling:


the best Christmas song out there and Haley Reinhart is great... Her voice is intoxicating.


Good choice with Low! I love that song. The whole EP is super pleasant.


I would love a hummer from Haley.



You people have put up some good Christmas tunes! Of course Little St. Nick had to be added for the nostalgia factor alone.

And I really like both the Hayley Reinhart and Mariah Carey ones and they aren't usually my thing. All I Want for Christmas Is You makes me think of Love Actually, a favorite movie of mine. Thanks for playing.

al1492 - I thought that was going to be Feliz Navidad. I grew up in New Mexico, so that one's a classic.

Here Comes Christmas - Remington Super 60. Couldn't find it on Youtube but here it is.


For Yo Mamma


A classic...


krebcycle - That's awesome!

Here's Coldplay doing a cover of the Wham Christmas song. Sorry George Michael. It's not personal, but your 80's mullet has no place on this thread.

And Aimee Mann


Anything by Bing Crosby.

Come on, people, the classics!


love Brians Setzer's Xmas stuff. he's one c00l cat



^ Way to bring the cool to this thread, Chilliwack! It's not Christmas until somebody's rappin' in a leisure suit. So funny.

And for Krazykoukides up there. Bing has such a distinctive voice, and he does a much better job with White Christmas, but those of us who can't carry a tune have to stick together. It's awful, so I apologize. Picture his voice a bit higher, and that's me singing in the shower.


Great choice. Too bad this lovely song gets no play in the U.S. Though I'm not sure anything Kirsty-related ever had much success here, let alone a song with the word "faggot" in it.

Also, props for the live Kurtis Blow footage. What a badass.