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Christmas Killed My Diet

I made it through Thanksgiving without so much as a single twinge of guilt. Sure I ate a little too much, but I steered clear of the dessert binges, and the stuffing overdoses. I felt really proud of my ability to stay focused on my goals and not let all the food cloud my vision.

That was Thanksgiving. Fast-forward 30 days - My wife and are at the WalMart getting stocking stuffers for our two kids. I could actually feel myself sinking into a state of mind where my eyes glaze over, and any thoughts of eating right are forced into the little closet where I keep stuff that I want to forget. $65 later and I can’t wait until Christmas morning so I can help my kids with the candy. I spent $65 on candy. We don’t keep candy around the house - ever - except on Christmas.

I was like Fez on the 70’s Show - yesterday was a candy orgy. In the last 24 hours, I have single-handedly consumed a package of Reese’s Pieces, a package of Reese’s P.B. Cups, a package of Charms Blow Pops, a package of Hershey’s chocolate bars, and for good measure a package of gummi-crabbie patties.

All this in addition to all the turkey, dressing and fixins.

Now I feel like shit.

don’t worry about it man. One day of extremely shitty eating isn’t going to hurt you. Its weeks months and years that really fuck it up. I ate just like you except mine was a breakfast casserole prepared by my grandmother. Eggs,cheese,bacon,mushrooms,sour cream, and cream of mushroom soup all baked into and artery clogging, fat ladened, slice of heaven. I had a large portion of that with three biscuts. After that i put away about four pecan pralines. about 9 o’clock last night i tore into some hershey treasures choclates. Had about 12 of those. I also ate like crap on the 24th too. Today i look like shit. I can’t see my abs and there s not a trace of definiton in my normally ripped physique(6-7% bf). Dude, relax, enjoy the holidays,and get back on the wagon tomorrow. At lwast thats what im doing.

Don’t feel so bad, this post sounds eerily similar to my own experience…I have not eaten any sweets or refined foods since October. I even made it through Thanksgiving without a flinch, something I was never able to do before…until X-mas eve…the pastries, the pies, the oatmeal bars…ooh I could ramble on, but I cracked and then I cracked again last night…now I’m pissed at myself and I feel like shit.

Oh well, just dust it off and move on. It’s all water under the bridge and its all relative. If you get right back on track I’m sure what little damage has been done can be reversed within a week, at most, of clean eating and hard ass work with the iron.

The little break could possibly end up being a much needed psychological and even physiological boost, just don’t let it carry on for the next six weeks.

Peace and happy holidays!