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Christmas Gifts...


I know its a bit early...

What are some of your ideas for...
brothers (age 19, 13)

I'm 17 and just looking for some "universal" for lack of a better term gifts hopefully for some ideas


When I was your age Mom always got something for her hobbies, like cooking gadgets. My brothers got games (nintendo or x-box) or this one time I gave him a year subscription to Stuff. Mom didn't like that so much. I've never had a girlfriend so I can't help you there. :wink:


haha I like the magazine subscription, thanks.

Anyone else?


If your brothers read, books or gift cards to a bookstore would be good.

Us bookish nerdy types can't get enough literature.


Nah... they're anything but.

Thanks though.


I only think about the women in my family, all the men get gift cards, certificates, online certificates are pretty good, they really like the ones from Netflix.