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christmas gift for gf

quite a while ago my girl mentioned that she wanted some sweat pants with “bitch” written on the ass of them. now my question, anyone know of a store or online merchant where i could get such a thing??? thanks.

Most malls have an ‘air brush’ store at this time of year, buy a pair of grey sweats and bring them there. My guess is it’ll be pretty cheap.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Abercrombie carried such an item. Has she actually seen others wear these? I mean, does she know they exist?

I get a catalog from Alloy (alloy.com) and there’s also Girlfriends (girlfriends.com). I think they do have something like what you’re looking for - but you’ll have to see. I kinda like Michelle’s idea, though.

I love it when girls where pants or shorts with words written across the butt. Then if they accuse me of staring I just tell them I am a slow reader:)

Either use the airbrush idea or just go to an imprinting store. These are the stores where a lot of highschools, pee wee teams, get their shirts. Think of them as the ones who put your name on the back of your old little league baseball shirt.

In college, we used to buy just sweatshirts and have them imprint the college name on them as it was about 15 bucks cheaper than actually not breaking copyright laws.

I’ll bet her mother is proud of her. I know I am.