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Christmas Dinner


Okay I have no idea where this should be posted, but i saw the post on Cookies and was just. Well, Thinking: What does your Actual Dinner Look like, for Christmas?

Food wise, not 2 uncles you never meet more than 5 times a year, annoying over weight cousins.

I have triplet siblings, born on the 24th (today) of December. So we have 3 cakes, and my mum got 1 cake from somebody at work so its 4 cakes (But i don't actually touch the cakes. i find the cream sickening, i might run my finger along the side of the dark chocolate cake).
Umm, This year we are getting Sushi, and the only thing im gona be eating is the sashimi and wasabi. I dont actually like soya sauce. (So that cuts a hell lot of Sodium).

And thats about it. =/ No Turkey, No muffins, No beer or alcohol (i plan to actually up-hold what i said last year on New Years eve. Dropping the drinks and Ciggs, and i have not touched any since).

Also, do most of you guys Cheat/deviate from your diet during Christmas? Just asking. One of my friends put on like 3kgs during Christmas day and the day after. And a total of 6kgs after new years. Scarry. And it wasn't water weight as well.


We usually have a bunch of fish, pasta, and vegetables (italian).

I wouldn't worry too much about one day. Just pick one day and eat what you want. People actually plan cheats throughout the rest of the year, too.

6kg is roughly 45,000 stored calories. I'm goin with the waterweight.


I eat whatever I like.....I'm also amazed how people can pile on so much weight over a few days.........because that's like suggesting that your friend could gain 30lbs of pure body fat in a month.

Also, surely an average T-Man is eating something like 4000 calories a day +, which as we know is a serious amount of solid food and shakes.... and unless you're unique, you must have occasional cheat days which don't ruin your physique and probably put you at a daily cal total of 5000/6000 calories. So if you eat 6000 on xmas day, what's the big deal (especially if you workout a day or two before and deadlift/squat some serious weight). Chances are over the winter you're building some muscle anyway, so the anabolic overdrive of a feast is gonna help.....rant over a Merry Christmas to all.


Haha, man we dont have Winter here. Its blazing hot all year round. I live on the equator. Brunei. You're probably scratching the o'l Noggen right now "is that a cult or something".

I got so much salmon left over. N it costs like shit loads to get salmon, tuna and Turkey here. In fact, we dont have Turkey here. To get one from the store is like $70 (roasted and prepared though).

Okay, My friend is not an Average T-Man. Not even a T-Kid. Hes. a blob. and he is someone who can finish off A tub of ice cream (The 1kg stuff, full fat), after having a serving of KFC's Fried chicken. By a serving i mean 4 chicken thighs, onion rings, and mash potatoes with a 1.5 ltr bottle of coke. He does not lift. =P i dont think he can even see his penis when he looks down. What he calls "intense shit" exercise, we call a walk to the toilet man. Okay not that bad, maybe running up 5 floors of stairs.

Oh, and he was drunk and passed out everyday from Christmas to New years. He was not having 1 feast a day, he was having feasts every few hours. =/


We're cooking a turkey stuffed with roast chestnuts, mashed potatoes, and, um...You know, I think I need to go buy the ingredients for a side dish. Then again, maybe I should leave that out and save room for more pie.

It's a good thing my vacation bungalow has a private pool for me to work all this shit off in.


Whatever. I don't limit myself at all on holidays. You could pig out on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years and be no fatter than you are before Thanksgiving. Or if you are following a solid diet every other day during that time, you will still lose fat. This holds true for everyone, even endos.

People don't gain weight over the holidays from a few high-calorie days. They gain weight because they allow themselves to have 'little treats' nearly every damn day for the 6 weeks from Thanksgiving to New Years.