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Christmas Cycle

Finished up basic test prop 150 eod for 10 weeks. Great results. Thinking of running test prop 10 e0d for 9 weeks with some anavar.
Maybe 30 mg ed for 9 weeks as well. Any suggestions? I’m 6 '1 210, 30 years old. Also will be taking liquid-dex for the gy.no and novaldex for pct

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How long was/is your break? I dont think you will see any satisfying results, if you wont have a break from the roids, for at least a month or so…
As said by bushidobadboy, the dose is kinda low for a guy with your stats… I would say its okay if youre goal is to cut (using the steroids to hold the mass), but for a bulk, i would say up the dose…