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Christmas Catalogs from the 80's


Thought these were interesting/funny.

The electronics, the clothes, the toys. The 1984 Montgomery Ward book even had a CD player... for $300. And the Atari and Coleco-vision. Good stuff.





Go Bots and Transformers on the same page blasphemy


Haha,I remember Montgomery Ward. There used to be one at the local mall and we would always park infront of them just because they were the closes to the highway. I dont think we ever bought anything from them. It was the kind of store where it was a step up from Sears but never to the level of Foleys or Macys.


Yeah they had a good catalog but their stores were shitty.

Same with "Hudsons" department stores in Michigan.


Atari system


Commodore 64


You ain't old skool unless you trained on red sparkly pads that stabbed you when they cracked and you slid off of when you were sweaty


"Aww man you got Castle Greyskull?!?!"


1984 CD player



Bench and 150lbs of weight for $140!


My best friend had Castle Greyskull, the catapult game, and all of the other good toys from that era. Every time his parents went to Montgomery Ward or Dahlkempers he got a good toy.

Then we would burn them in simulated air strikes carried out with folded up six pack rings on a stick.


This was all me with the tip money from my paper rout.
edit: The corvette loop- de- loop!


Wow I had this. Thing was badass


"Of course she doesn't have a microwave, she's fuckin' a hundred!"

Jeez, how fuckin' old are you people?



You notice now how crazy expensive stuff was back then. I'm not kidding.

I remember when I was a kid and pretending what I would buy if I had $100 from the catalog. It would mostly be Star Wars toys and half the money would be used to buy an army of 20 stromtroopers.
You could never have enough stormtroopers.


Isnt that what its going for nowadays?


You could probably get the weights for that price if you looked around but that wouldn't include the bench. I just saw Dick's Sporting Goods is selling their 45s for $50 a piece and their 25s for $30.


I hated the wish book. It would be a book of things we (me and my brothers) wanted but could never get.


Well,the bench looks crappy anyway. Its way too skinny and flimsy. Was $140 alot of money back then? On a similar note,How was life before Rap music?


Oh my god, I spanked it so hard to this page. No internet porn and I was too young to buy from 7-11.