Christmas Bulk Baby!

Ok finally have time to fully put all my efforts into my clean bulk diet. Finals when shitty by the way.

ht: 5.9
wt: 177
tbol 50mg ED 7weeks

I used livestrong calorie since they have everything plus trueprotein nutrient values. Im shooting for 3700calories at 45/31/23 p/c/f

Im going to try and wake up early (8am-ish) so that Im able to consume all the food plus more. No cardio. Cooking 2 30lb turkeys when I get back home.

  1. 1.5C Oats w/ 3 scoops protein
    4 fish oils

  2. 5 eggs
    cup pinto beans
    1/2 avocado

  3. 10oz turkey
    1/2 avocado
    2 slices orowheat whole wheat

  4. 10oz chicken, pork loin, turkey
    cup pinto beans

Pre-WO : 2 scoope protein, bcaa’s, glutamine, creatine, beta-alnine
PWO: 2 scoops Waxy starch, 3 scoops protein, bcaas, glutamine

Pre-bed: 3 scoops casein + 4 fish oils

came out to over 3700cals. What do you guys think?

Add leafy greens ad lib. Get large.

anyone else?

Eat it and let us know how it goes? Do you actually have a question, or are you just looking for confirmation that 3700 calories of lean meat, beans, avacado, protein powders and bread will make you grow?

Personally I would add some berries and green veggies, but that’s just me. Is the tbol mentioned in your post the oral steroid or the “testosterone booster” with the same name as the oral steroid?

no its turinabol, oral steroid

I fail to understand how this amounts to 3700 calories. While pinto beans are rather calorically dense, the remainder of your food choices either are not (your protein sources are quite lean), or you’re failing to consume enough of them (oats are dense, but you only consume them once daily).

Seriously, what do you need over 400 g of protein for?