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Christmas Book Buying

I saw a couple of books listed on this thread from my boss Charles Staley- tell you what, if any of you want these for Christmas giving call me at 1-800-519-2492 I will not only take 5 bucks off each item but also throw in a freebie. Just say you saw it at T-Nation-Julianne

Thanks teamstaley! My clients love the EDT workouts…especially the ones that hate the burn and going to failure.Clients will work out with you forever doing 10 sets of 3 vs 3 sets of 10 to fail.

One excellent book that has not been mentioned yet is Dave Draper’s “Brother Iron, Sister Steel”. It has interesting insight to the old Muscle Beach days and a variety of routines. Additionally it is well written and is highly inspirational. Already mentioned was Bill Pearl’s “Keys to the Inner Universe” which has a ton of exercises and Ian King’s “Get Buffed”.

Where did most of you pick these books up? My ebay and amazon searches are coming up short. I’m especially looking for ‘used’ books, since as a poor college kid, my $ still is better off used toward my Grow!..

Where is the best place for these great books used?

Charliefrancis.com sells a few interesting ebooks, including Thib’s Modern Stength and Power Methods (recommended). If you want something contraversial but interesting --though not a fun read-- you can try the D.B. Hammer book.