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Christmas Book Buying

What would be the best book or 1 to 3 books to complement this site? I have read pretty much everything on T-mag but would like another reference. Any suggestions? Overall goal is strength + size. Come to think of it I should probably get a cook book…

Everyone should read “Dinosaur Training” at least once.

come on 44 views 1 reply. some more people have to have some suggestions. Just for that I am starting a new thread. perhaps my title sucked.

Darden’s New HIT

Strength and Power in Sport

Arnold’s Encyclopedia of BBing

Anything by the Authors on this site (believe it or not they do say different things in their books so you’ll buy them)

If you get one book, let it be Strength and Power in Sport. Check it out on Amazon, and you can read an excerpt to see if that is the type of thing you’d be looking for. Great resource in my opinion.

RIT Jared

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Massive Arms by Charles Staley

  2. No Nonsense Nutrition DVD and Gourmet Nutrition by Dr. John Berardi


  1. Lifestyles Changes by Dr. John Berardi, Dr. Lonnie Lowery and Louie Simmons

Dinosaur training - Kubik
Beyond Brawn - Mc Roberts
Big chest - Kubik, Mc Roberts
Big arms - Kubik,Mc Roberts
Super Squats - Strossen
Keys to progress - Mc Callum
Get buffed - King
Black Book - Thibadeau
Poliquin’s principles - Poliquin
Physically incorrect - Staley
Renegade training - Davies

“How To Get Strong & How To Stay So” by William Blaikie.

Renegade Training for Football
John Davies

Dinosaur Training
Brooks Kubik

Explosive Lifting for Sports
Harvey Newton

Here is a list of books that I have read and consider to be great resources, some need to be read more than once before you can absorb all the info.

Supertraining 2003 6th Edition by Mel Siff. Reading this one for the second time. Great book.

Science and Practice of Strength Training by Vladimir Zatsiorsky Less lke a text book, easier to read than supertraining.

The Hughston Clinic Sports Medicine Book by Champ L., Jr Baker, Fred, MD Flandry, John M. Henderson 712 pages. Great reference book for injuries, rehab, and provides a good basis of knowledge to design an orthopaedicly sound training program.

Managing the Training of Weightlifters by Sportivny Press

JB has a new e-book cookbook on his website. Haven’t had a chance to take a look at it yet but I plan on getting it this coming week.

Also I have both of CT’s books, both are excellent and well worth the money.

this is great guys. i think i’ll snag 2-3 of those books for my brother…it’s a shame to see a former athlete the size of a bear (not fat just big) who is capable of some serious muscle sit around and smoke a pack a day.

maybe the t-mag guys will inspire :wink:

Personally I’d put Arnold’s Encyclopedia lower on the list. While the pictures are awesome, the training/nutrition advice is outdated and the book isn’t cheap. You’d be best to spend your money elsewhere.

The New HIT falls into this category for me also. If it really is a good book people will still be recommending it years from now. Look how many classics have stood the test of time. Go with something that is s sure thing like Super Training or Science and Practice.

I just picked up the 2nd edition of Strength and Power in Sport and it is Fantastic. I also plan to buy Zatsiorsky’s Biomechanics in Sport. These are both great resources, but they are very much geared to those with a background in exercise science, so they might not be for everyone. Poliquin’s books are good, but a little pricey for what you actually get. Explosive lifting for Sports is a great resource on the olympic lifts. I also enjoyed Serious Strength Training by Tudor Bompa.

Check out this link to John Berardi’s site, plenty of great books and descriptions.


I’d definitely agree with luca. Most I’ve read, but not all
-not Dinosaur (have some of his videos though-worth a look), Physically Incorrect or the Poliquin Principles-out of print but you can get all that old stuff from his former Muscle Media days…I’m not sure it’s worth the price tag in the neighbourhood of $100+!! I would add Supertraining-tough read (mentioned), still working on it myself and Facts and Fallicies of Fitness both by Siff. Get Buffed II isn’t a bad sequel and Modern Trends by Poliquin is pretty good too. I just bought Pavel’s Power To The People out of curiousity and I’m looking into Vince Gironda’s stuff too. Wacky but seems somewhat effective-he was way ahead of his time.

I just bought Pavel’s Power To The People out of curiousity

TedK, tell me what you think of his book(s). I have all of them (bought them all together) and I wish I hadn’t. Power to the People is just a dumbbell press and deadlift routine with a bunch of history thrown in. I hope you get more out of it than I did.

Thanks for the information everyone.

Are CT’s books mainly info already on T-Nation? or is it new stuff?

ZEB, can you give a brief description of the ‘How to get strong…’ book? I’m curious about it but have not a slightest clue of what’s in it and if it’s suitable for me. Amazon doesn’t have any reviews and a Google search brings nothing.

I can’t help it: one more vote for Dinosaur training. I’m looking at my copy right now and the pages are worn and the cover’s sort of peeling away 'cause this is one of the most important books I’ve read. It’s like the Think and Grow Rich of weight training (only filled with practical stuff too!). I’ve probably read some sections over 100 times.
And I only bought it because it was recommended so much on the old Hardgainer Roundtable. So if you’re reading this now . . . buy it!
Since you won’t find it on Amazon:


Because of the great drawings that show how your muscles work in relation to the skeleton, I recommend Strength Training Anatomy by Frederic Delavier. It’s not the best exercise book, but it’s a good anatomy book for lifters.

[quote]luca wrote:
Dinosaur training - Kubik
Beyond Brawn - Mc Roberts
Big chest - Kubik, Mc Roberts
Big arms - Kubik,Mc Roberts
Super Squats - Strossen
Keys to progress - Mc Callum
Get buffed - King
Black Book - Thibadeau
Poliquin’s principles - Poliquin
Physically incorrect - Staley
Renegade training - Davies

I would vote for this same list and add Explosive Lifting for Sports book AND video IF Olympic lifts are your thing. The X-REPS ebook from Ironman is a cool way to do a month of hypertophy by adding a reasonable inclusion of partials in to your program.Alternating this with EDT and CT’s black book routines have worked for many of my clients.Just ignore all the self-promotion.(I have it as a PDF.If anyone wants to borrow it,PM me):wink:

I must comment on the “Power to the Peole” thing about the text just being a history lesson with a press and a deadlift. There is much value amidst all the pseudo-Russian bravado.It is really what YOU get out of it.The info on hyper-irradiation and on “practising” a lift 5 times a week were worth it to me. The 1 set of 5 and 1 set of %90 of that (2 sets a day,5 times a week) was what got my squat to 365 and then 405 when years of 5x5, HIT etc had failed me. I used that with Pavels simple version of wave and step periodizations,etc (Pages 50-56).I am stating that it is worth a focussed look.I would NOT recommend it as a most important book unless active recovery or a minimalist (its this or nothin’) holidays type workout is what you are looking for; Beyond brawn, works well in that capacity as well. peace,z