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Christmas binge damage control

Thought it might be a good idea to start a thread for those of us that will be eating a little more than we normally would this holiday season.

Last week I went to a holiday party that had all kinds of food. My goal was to eat only P&F foods. Although I did have a few m&m’s from the candy dish (yum-yum), I did pretty well. Here’s what I had: Beef on a stick, mixed nuts, shrimp and crab meat. No insulin surge and minimal carbs. Now if I can only get through the next week I’ll be ok.
Does anyone else out there have a “plan”???

My plan is to maintain my diet as much as I can. When I am with the family on XMas eve it will be tough. I will eat whatever they have, but I will avoid the candy. The rest of the time I will stick to my diet.

My “plan” is to start getting ready early. I already doubled my cardio. I am trying to do is extend the balance between caloric intake & expenditure over the course of a month instead of a day.
PS: don’t be fooled by crustaceans, they are high in arginine, which can increase insulin.

What’s the deal on Arginine raising insulin levels? I’ve not heard that one before. I have to admit that I hadn’t heard shrimp and the like were high in Arginine, either. The only thing I was aware of was that Arginine raised nitric oxide levels. Anyone have more info on this?

My plan is to…not give a shit because its only a few days out of the year. it didnt take you a few days to look like you are so it wont take a few days to go back. eat your sausage balls or whatever it is you want to eat.

Christmas with my family is essentially a festival of carbs and fat. I’m Italian, so pasta and cheese is pretty standard issue at any function. Silly Italians. I can’t believe they don’t know about Massive Eating. How the hell did Rome manage to conquer half the world?

Anyway, I will probably have a small bowl of pasta, but aside from that I'm going to stick to fish and other assorted meats. For desert I'll be making myself some chocolate Grow pudding, maybe adding a little natural PB.

I know, I know--I live dangerously.

Additionally, though, I don't sweat it too much. It's the holidays; have a cookie, enjoy yourself and your company. My policy is that I don't binge, but I'm much less strict than other times during the year.

Do not deprive yourself of pleasure…you have 360+ other days in the year to be anal about your diet, I’m not gonna sweat it come xmas time.

I have a tendency to lose weight during the holidays. Since I’m probably more active from all the added activity and stress. But that doesn’t mean that holiday treats go unnoticed! But since I don’t slack on my training, the added “stuff” doesn’t affect me.

I'm like Goldbergy, though. I don't give a shit during this time.

I agree with Goldberg…BRING ON THE FOOD!!! It’s the holidays, after all, you’re supposed to celebrate and be happy, not diet and be miserable.
Christmas Eve is the Italian fest: lots of fish, shrimp scamopi smothered in garlic and oil, lots of pasta. Then Christmas day, it’s basically just relaxing and eating all day!

HO HO HO…Merry Christmas!!!

Yep dont wanna miss all the goodies that mom makes, ofcourse with some extra cardio and I still be workin out.

I am Italian. You don’t say no to eating at the holidays if you want to make the next one. I subscribe to the extra cardio theory. FYI- my Italian Grandma is 93, never did cardio in her life and wouldn’t know a micro-nutrient if it bit her. However the glass of red wine with a little club soda in it each day certainly worked for her!

I agree with most of the posts here. EAT EAT EAT!! One week out of the year will not make you a bloated sack of shit.

Yeah, my plan is to chill the f**k out and not worry about it!